Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Seven Cool Homeschoolers Debut

The girls have been invited to join a youtube channel called 7 Cool Homeschoolers.  We  don’t use youtube to its full advantage.  We use it to find obscure educational videos like animated Shakespeare videos put out by the BBC and we watch The History Teachers’ amazing videos that bring our history to life, but there is a world out there on youtube that I never knew existed.  

Friends of ours, Theresa’s daughters, have been fans of the site Seven Super Girls and her youngest daughter Piper envisioned a channel about seven super homeschool girls.  Grace and Lilah were invited to join.  Piper posts the weekly topic and the girls work to create a video in their own style that will be uploaded to the channel on a specific day.  

My girls are not cinematographers.  It never has been their thing.  Grace has always had her weather studies and Lilah, her baking club.  This is Piper’s thing, and to support her vision and project, my girls wanted to give this a try.  
It is not exaggerating to say that their learning curve is steep.  Like 90 degree angle steep!  They have never ever used iMovie to edit.  The have no real experience in filming, in fact this was their first time using my DSLR Cannon.  They do not know how to cut clips of video, merge them, and add transitions.  Unfortunately neither do I, therefore we relied heavily on youtube tutorials to figure these things out!  

We quickly realized that the iPad app of iMovie will not be sufficient to do the cool special effect the other girls are doing, like adding sound effects, speeding up and slowing down the video speed and adding background music.  Since they began this weeks video on the iPad, they finished it out on the iPad.  For this first video they both:

  • created a vision of what their introduction would be about.
  • used the Cannon DSLR camera to record video.
  • upload the video to the iPad.
  • upload the video to iMovie.
  • created a project.
  • Learned to edit the video.
  • Learned to add transitions.
  • Linked Lilah’s video to Grace’s video so that the final product is one video containing both girls introductions.

Whew.  There were some tears of frustration. This did not come easily.  But they did it, mostly without help from me.  All I did was help them find the appropriate tutorial for what they wanted to do.  

I am interested to see where this project takes them.  Will it lead to a new interest?  Will they progress from a basic edit to adding more effects?  Will they seek out the expertise of their cousin who is proficient in both iMovie and Final Cut Pro?  We’ll see...... 

Lilah’s project, LCC, would not be as amazing as it is without the help of her two friends.  In order for then to come, their mother’s have some major coordinating to do between sibling’s sports, 1 hour drives and logistics of carpooling.  I appreciate all they do to allow their children to be a part of LCC.  I feel that I can pay it forward by supporting Piper’s project.  There is something magical about the birth of a project.  That moment when an idea comes to fruition is to be treasured.  No matter what the outcome is, the courage to reach out to friends and ask them to become part of something that is her baby, is to be applauded.  How many of us have dreams and grand plans that live only in our minds?  This 10 year old has turned her dream into a reality.

Check it out @ SevenCoolHomeschoolers! 


Becca said...

My girls have checked out the channel and loved your girls video. They really like your dogs. And my oldest is now pondering creating her own videos. It's so cool to watch your kids get inspired and learn.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jess! Piper and Bella both use a video camera and then uploads it to their Mac computer and use iMovie there.

Jessica said...

Thanks! I saw your comment on youtube but we are having a hard time replying. Our replies don't post! The book Lilah is reading is called Bliss by Kathryn Littlewood. I am surprised she featured this one. She is also reading Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and is loving it and just finished Wonder, which she said was one of her favorite books of all time. She likes Bliss, but does not rave about it like the other books she has recently read.

Jessica said...

They are not learning the Mac version since it has more features than the iPad app. Grace used my iPhone yesterday in her internship to interview and document the college students who run the program she is involved with. She plans on making that into a movie to show to the middle school kids next week. She never would have thought of this idea without having the opportunity to make this little move.

I am excited to see their skills develop. I wonder what their videos will look like a month from now!

Christina @ Interest-Led Learning said...

I just finished watching Grace and Lilah's video. That was soooo much fun!!! You're girls are both so gorgeous :) I feel like I got to know them so much better and was able to catch a glimpse into your lives. I just subscribed to their channel. You've inspired me to make and post more videos, too. The only video I have on YouTube is the yearly birthday DVD I make.

Also, what a great way to learn a new skill. I know what you mean about the tear s, tvideos!oo. I've been reduced to tears when I've tried to film and make DVDs, too, but it's so worth it in the end. I really look forward to seeing more of their videos.

Susan Getty said...

My girls have been enjoying watching the videos this week :) I am certain that the learning curve would be just as steep, if not more so, for us! Neither of my girls was interested to do it, at all, but they are happy to watch and support from afar :)

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