Tuesday, April 16, 2013

4 Dozen

48 cupcakes.....the most Lilah has ever made at one time.  This is what she offered to donate to an interfaith community dinner our church was sponsoring for families in need.  Actually, she offered to donate 7 dozen since the last dinner served 80 people, but the organizers said that 4 dozen would be perfect.

Baking 4 dozen cupcakes from scratch takes time, especially when you are 10.  Lilah baked from 9:30 in the morning until 3:30 in the afternoon.  She measured, sifted, beat and scooped until her arms were sore.  The result was one dozen vegan chocolate cupcakes, one dozen traditional vanilla, one dozen vegan chocolate half with peanut butter chips and half with white chocolate chips, and one dozen traditional orange flavored cupcakes.  All had homemade vanilla cream cheese frosting (which negates the "veganess".....) piped from a mechanical pastry bag and topped with beautiful edible sprinkles.  

These were her best cupcakes ever.  I consider our family to be cupcake connoisseurs.  We have sampled cupcakes from Crumbs, Magnolia’s, The Cake Boss’ bakery Carlo’s Bakery, Sugar (winners of the Cupcake Wars) and more.  These were as good, if not better.  At 10 years old, she could sell her cupcakes and satisfy a growing niche of customer’s with food allergies.  

I do not help, other than take someone out of the oven if her hands are full or answer questions if she is working on a new recipe.  I offer to help wash dishes because my anxiety level rises when I see the mess she makes while cooking.  She is a bit like me that way......  I drive her to deliver her cupcakes, sometimes to the VFW, or to the fire station,  the senior center or even the pet shelter!  This was my favorite delivery so far - to a congregational church that served people in need regardless of their faith affiliation, if they even have one.  

I encourage my children to share their talents and gifts with others.  Grace plays the piano at a local assisted living facility.  Someday she may play professionally.  But for now, the joy on the faces of the elderly residents is payment enough for her performance.  Someday Lilah may own her own bakery or catering facility.  But for now, the joy her cupcakes bring to someone who may not have flour in the pantry or eggs that can be dedicated to a dessert is payment enough for her baked goods.  


  1. That is pretty awesome! She must have felt so good at the end of the day. It was so good to see all of you the other night!

    1. She did feel very good...tired but good. This weekend she is baking for a girl we know who lost her brother to brain cancer. This 13 year old girl is having a bake sale to raise money for Hole In The Wall Camp and she asked Lilah to donate 2 dozen cupcakes. I just wish there were some left over for me.......

      Good to see you too. Be well!

  2. This just makes me smile so big Jess! I am just so proud of Lilah. I have watched the past couple of years and seen your girls just blossom and come into their own. It is amazing to see all of our kids growing up and becoming more who they will be. WAY TO GO Lilah. This is amazing. I would love to taste them and maybe one day I can buy a Lilah cupcake somewhere. :)

  3. I humbly offer free services to test her cupcakes before distribution then she'd be able to say they're certified by the Cupcake Monster.
    Great job Lilah with your ecumenical, non-denominational cakes. Their life expectancy was probably very, very short but they gave their lives for some good causes.
    Be proud, Mom.

  4. It's great. Your girl is doing an epic job and I am sure she will have a bakery of her own in future. I am a cupcake lover and sometimes we have fights in family for eating more cupcakes. You must be a proud mum.

  5. This is just fantastic!! I would be 400 lbs if she lived in my house :) I love how you nurture their talents.


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