Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Geography / Story of the World

This is the time of year when I look at what we have been working on and what needs to be accomplished before we break for summer.  Because of our hectic Destination Imagination schedule last year and the time required for projects, rehearsals, and fund raising, not to mention the trip to Tennessee, we ended up working until August.  

This year I want to be done with bookwork and enjoy the moments of spontaneity that happen in the summertime.  After this long cold winter, I want to wake up on a warm summer morning free from responsibility and commitments.  I want to enjoy mid week camping trips, weekly beach nights, and swimming in waterfalls.  I don't want to say "we can't" because we have a class, or a workshop, or a lesson to complete. 

In order to have this happen, we need to work hard over the next few weeks to finish up with our book work.  Last week we completed 4 chapters of Story of the World.  We learned about the ongoing battles between France and England, and we read about the bubonic plague.  The girls already had knowledge of this through independent work and from watching Little House on the Prairie.  Although the flea born illness in the episode we watched was not the bubonic plague, it has many similarities.

I have switched out the mapwork from the Story of the World Activity Book for the mapwork in Color Yourself Smart Geography.  Last week the girls completed the page on Europe and this week they are working on Africa, which we will be revisiting in SOTW this week.  

This was also timely because my brother is about to deploy to Morocco for a month.  I hope he is able to take pictures and send emails like he did while in Afghanistan.  We learned so much from his personal accounts of what life in Afghanistan is like.  

Over the next few weeks we will finish up our history book.  Grace enjoys this study so much she said we could start book 3 over the summer if I wanted to......


Anonymous said...

I am going to look for that geography book!

Jessica said...

Mary said that Costco had them but since I don't have a membership I got it for $13 through Amazon Prime. They have other books as well, for birds, dinosaurs, anatomy......We will definitely be using more of these. I don't feel pressured to do every page like I sometimes do with other books. We only do the pages that tie into what we are learning either through SOTW or through current events or a read aloud.

Becca said...

Why did you make the switch to Color Yourself Smart Geography? We use SOTW, too, and I like to see how others use it and why.

Jessica said...

We still use SOTW and will continue to. We have been using the mapwork from the SOTW activity book up to this point. It made sense due to the fact that those maps were date specific and with borders shifting to to regional wars and conflicts. At times my girls had a hard time understanding the context of the map in relationship to the world. Now that we are at a time when borders are not drastically shifting I want to show them where England is in relationship to Spain and Egypt. When we spiral back to Mali and other African nations, I want them to understand where Mali is and where Egypt and Morocco are.

I think Color Yourself Smart gives a broader perspective than the SOTW activity book. My girls are also in 5th and 7th grade and they can read the material on their own and highlight what they learned or found interesting. I don't think I would use this book with younger children.

I hope this helps answer your question!

Becca said...

Thank you!! Lots to think about now.

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