Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Herb Fairies

I try not to post too much about what we have in progress because sometimes we don’t finish the program or we choose to stop and then I am left feeling like I was not authentic in my posting.  

But I am going to share this, even though we just started it, because it is cool and I like it very much.  Herb Fairies was just re-released for a short time.  I have waited a year to purchase this curriculum and in hindsight, I am glad we did not get it a year ago.  It would have been out of context.  Now is the perfect time to begin this study considering our intensive study of  health this year and the  increase in awareness we now have about holistic health practices, and the fact that we are now well aware of the medicinal value of herbs and plants.  I have been a distributor of Pure Herbs for over a year.  We use these herbs on a daily basis in our home to treat everything from back pain to cuts and scrapes. I cannot tell you the last time I used an over the counter product in our house. 

Bringing Herb Fairies into our homeschool is a natural continuation of our learning.  2014 will see the full implementation of Obama-Care, which I fear.  We have already been dropped from our primary care physician’s practice due to the insurance we have (they admitted this was Obama Care driven) and Greg’s company is making major insurance changes in the next 6 months.  The President lied to my family.  We lost our doctor and we do not get to keep the health care we currently had.  I stress to my girls the importance of self healing.  I believe that the changes in our nation’s move to universal health care will push us all into a single payer system and our access to quality, innovative health care will be in jeopardy.  For things like cold, flu, minor infections, first aid, allergies, and other ailments, we must learn to treat ourselves and rely on doctors only when truly medically necessary.

Enter Herb Fairies.  This program is a compilation of 12 chapter books introducing the medicinal values of 12 different herbs.  The stories are juvenile but packed with information that is presented in a memorable way.  Every month we receive an e-bundle of the story, herb identification sheet, recipe cards, a zine, and worksheets.  I learned that there may be a better way for me to make my vodka/thyme facial spray!  Herb Fairies recommends Everclear 180 proof as the base of an infusion.  To be honest, I had to clarify with Greg that this is “grain” alcohol and that I could buy it at a liquor store!  I can’t wait to do a comparison with the thyme I will grow in my garden this summer.

This month’s herb is Chickweed, which as luck would have it, we do not have in our yard or anywhere nearby that I can tell.  I am hoping to grow some.  Growing weeds.  Hmm....I few years ago I never would have believed it.

It would be easy to keep all this information in a three ring binder but it is much nicer to art journal the information.   We bought new sketchbooks for this purpose.  I estimate that we will need two sketchbooks to record the information over the year.  

We needed some new programs to inject a sense of fun into our day.  I am excited to begin book 2 soon!

* I wish I was compensated for this review.  I do love this project and the cost is reasonable if payable on a monthly basis but since that option is not available, at $100, it is an investment.  I wrote this review because I love the curriculum, not because I was solicited to do so.


Theresa Novak said...

I have mixed feelings on Obamacare and universal health care, there could be benefits but as of right now our plan was "grandfathered" so as not to have to include them. I hate how expensive insurance is, it seems like we pay this astronomical amount just in case something awful happens. We hardly ever go to the doctor--the girls didn't even get physicals this year--unless there is an issue. I have several holistic health books and we have always preferred that route...Herb Fairies sounds intriguing good luck with it!

karisma said...

Oh so lovely! When this came out I wanted to buy it but realised that Zak was just not going to go with that. LOL He has decided to study a bit of computer programming this term. I love that the girls are learning this way and the journaling is just beautiful.

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