Wednesday, May 29, 2013

10 Things...

Ten things that make me happy 

When my own personal cleaning fairy pays me a visit.  Sometimes when I am very very lucky I go to bed with a dirty house and wake up to a sparkling clean one.  This is usually when Greg has something on his mind that he needs to work out and his way of working it out is to clean.  I wish this was may way is to avoid cleaning and to write.  I will never ever forget the day when Greg thought it was a wise decision to drink coffee on the train home from Manhattan and was up until 2:00am cleaning our apartment in Fairfield.  I know I have it good and I love him so much for this little bit of magic he possesses.  He must have a wand hidden somewhere.

Coffee in the morning, my laptop, and the view out my window.  I never enjoyed the view out my window.  I have written several posts about the possibility of moving to improve the view out my window.  Turns out I just needed to change the window!  Rather than enjoying my alone time in the front of my house, I have moved to my sunroom couch.  I can open my window and smell fresh hay from the rabbit, look out on one of my gardens, and enjoy the sunrise creeping up and over my house.  This makes me so happy.

I get a strong sense of peace when my girls are busy.  Not busy running from place to place but busy doing meaningful, joyful work.  Like using tools to help build a gate.  Or drawing beautiful pictures of favorite things.  Or baking.  Or caring for animals.  I love to see them lose themselves in what they are doing.  Those are the times I just sit back and enjoy the moment.  

Chocolate makes me deliriously happy.  I am a bit of a chocolate snob.  Greg brings home the most wonderful treats from New York.  Salted caramels, dark chocolate bars, chocolate covered pretzels, all kinds of yumminess.  I tend to sneak bites here and there.  Sometimes I am busted and have to share.

Pajamas make me happy.  I have a drawer full.  When the girls ask me what I want for Christmas or Mother’s Day or any day really, I always answer, pajamas, matching soft cotton sets that only get better over time.  My favorite pair is just about worn out.  I bought them with a gift card my in-laws gave me 13 years ago.  Butterfly pajamas from Victoria’s Secret.  I brought them to the hospital when I gave birth to Grace.  They now are starting to get holes and tears along the seams.  I will never ever get rid of these pjs and I will patch up the holes and reinforce the seams.  These pjs have seen 13 years worth of my life.  

I love good music.  I remember my Dad telling me that someday I would listen to more than American Top 40 and as hard as he tried to expose me to other types of music, I resisted.  Now I get it.  Right now I am loving Fun and Mumford and Sons and my song of the summer is Best Day of Your Life.  I am not a musician, but I feel music deeply.  I am not a songwriter, but good lyrics can make me cry.  I appreciate the artistry of a musician.  A warm day with a warm breeze blowing and some Van Morrison playing and a homemade lemonade ice tea chilling and this girl is truly at peace.

Connecticut is not known for its beaches.  Long Island Sound is not always the cleanest, the sand is not the softest, and the water is not the warmest.  But there is something so soothing about having your toes in the rocky sand, the salty breeze on your face, and the ability to sit and read and not have to watch your children every second.  I appreciate that they are old enough to go to the beach with friends, even if it is just for an hour or during that time when neighborhood friends are released from school until dinner, and lose themselves in the wonder of the beach.  I never thought I would consider a beach chair an investment, but my last hour at the beach left me with a numb backside and I finally said enough was enough.  I simply cannot wait to try out my super duper deluxe beach chair complete with foot rest!  I foresee many hours reading while the girls play.

Zero piles of laundry is the epitome of joyfulness.  I tried a method of having the girls shower at night then throwing the clothes we wore that day in the laundry.  It worked and we were always current with laundry and there were no piles.  Then I got lazy and now I am buried under mountains of clean but not put away clothes.  This is such an energy zapper.  I am working towards having a no-laundry-backlog this week so I can get back to my happy place.  

Books are my treasures.  A while ago I made the foolish decision to declutter my library.  It is all about ebooks now right?  Then we faced the last year with hurricanes, blizzards, and no electricity.  You can’t read an ebook when you can’t charge your phone or iPad or Nook.  I gave away some of my best friends because I rarely re-read a book, even if it is one of my best friends.  I am in the process of rebuilding my library but I am doing it with care and consideration.  I only want to stock it with great reads, books the girls may enjoy someday.  I want a mix of fiction and non-fiction, and I want the books to be the kind that keep you up all night, or better yet....make you stop and put the book down just so you won’t read it all at once.  BTW....the last book that made me do this was Witch of Little Italy.  I loved it.   I plan on reading my heart out this summer and watching my library grow.

I may moan and complain about the muddy paw prints, the inability of Daphne to control her bladder at times, the constant interruptions with wet noses demanding to be pet, the dog hair and the cost of medications, but I just can’t imagine what our home would be like without our two furry friends.  Our family has so many memories of their silly antics, like when Jake tricked Daphne into giving up her spot on the couch by feeding her from his food bowl, or when we find Daphne perched upon the highest pile of freshly folded laundry like the Princess and the Pea.  They are loved and they bring me joy.

What are ten things that bring you joy?


Andrea said...

A fun way to start my day, reading through joy rather than depressing news! I am ordering the book now, ebook that is, because I love being able to carry all my books with me at all times. We are far from a beach, so when I get to go, I appreciate the heck out of it. And I have a great beach chair as well (it has a cold pocket behind it, so I can keep my drink cold, one of my favorite things). Perhaps I will join in on this post. I have been doing a gratitude journal and this would be a nice expansion.

Joan Concilio Otto said...

YES to books and pajamas and clean houses and so much more! :)

Jenn said...

This is great, Jessica! I really enjoyed reading this post. I keep a "happy list" where I jot down the little things that bring me joy every day...a lot of the things you mentioned are on my list too:)I have no cleaning fairy though- you are truly blessed there! No complaints here though...Hutch might not clean, but he builds things and remodels this old farmhouse for me, so I'll keep cleaning up his messes;) Oh, and I can't imagine being so close to the beach...sounds heavenly.

Anonymous said...

I love this list. I love music, too. And books...I am going to check the Witch of Little Italy out. The last great book I read was "love anthony" by Lisa Genova. Loved that book, it made me think differently, which I always love about a book.

It's funny how a change of perspective makes all the difference. For months I have been feeling bad because I don't have a career, but I made some small changes in my life and now I feel grateful to be home with my girls!!

Jessica said...

The next few days are going to bring temps in the 90s -- I plan on hitting the beach at least once!

Jessica said...

The absolute best is when we wake up to a gray foggy day and the salty air carries up from the beach. We are about 3.5 miles from the beach but every now and then I can close my eyes and imagine we are much closer!

Jessica said...

It is amazing. The urge to move is almost gone. There are still issues with my town but then I think I may be suffering from the grass is greener syndrome. I am sure every town has its issues, some are just more pretty to drive through. I have weighed the pros and cons and right now the pros of staying are winning out.

Mary Prather said...

PJs bring me lots of joy, too!!

I love it -- "turns out I just needed to change my window".

Great post, Jess :-)

Jen Dunlap said...

I love the beach. Love it. The beach is just about the only place I could sit and read while my kids play. For some reason at home they are not yet at the point when they can all be involved in a project that doesn't revolve around a screen. Someday, I'm not giving up!

Susan Getty said...

Fantastic post, made me smile all the way through :)

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