Monday, May 13, 2013

The naming of Gilgamesh

When Lilah takes my phone, I know that good things will be waiting for me on my camera roll.

I am not sure if I mentioned that I thought it would be a brilliant idea to research the word poop in different languages to find him the perfect name.

Dutch: achterdek

Turkish: yormak
Italian: stancare
German: Fekalie
Finnish: Ahteri

The girls did not find this activity amusing, so we went with historical figures and came up with the name Gilgamesh, from Story of the World Book 1 and one of our favorite songs, Mesopotamians by They Might Be Giants.  Just because his name is not Fekalie or Ahteri, you can't discount the true reason I was intrigued with having a backyard bunny....his poop.  

In a week he almost filled a bucket with his poo.  It was enough for me to spread evenly over my three 4’x8’ beds.  The bottom of the bucket was already broken down into what resembled dirt and mixed in nicely with the soil as I cultivated the beds.  

I am hoping to share this fertilizer with friends.  It is mostly organic (we feed him greens from our garden, slices of our organic fruit, and mostly organic greens from the store.  He loves dandelions we pick in the yard and loves to keep his teeth healthy by chewing on maple and apple tree twigs and small branches.  His pellets are not organic so technically he is not producing organic fertilizer, but I am not going to stress about feeling a rabbit 100% organically.....he will become a very expensive pet!

Poop away Gilgamesh.  Poop away.


  1. He is so cute! I love that you looked up all the different poo names. But I think Gilgamesh really suits him.

  2. What a beautiful rabbit! I love Gilgamesh's coloring.

  3. LOL! I didn't know rabbit poop was such a hot commodity. Maybe you could sell it in your Etsy shop??!! :)

  4. Love that last picture! His name is perfect.
    I'm so glad to see someone else get excited over rabbit poop!
    It's made a big difference in my garden though:)


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