Friday, June 7, 2013

Art Journaling: Beauty in Imperfection

This week we began a weekly art journaling workshop with two of our friends.  Filling a sketchbook can take months and months, but this is a project that can be completed in a shorter amount of time - 5 to 6 weeks!

To begin, I needed toddler board books of approximately the same size.  These will be repurposed into our journals.  At Savers, a local thrift store, I was able to find just what I needed for $.69 a book!  

I primed the cover and the first two pages with 2 coats of matte finish Gesso and sealed the page with Krylon acrylic spray.  I did this on a sunny day to let the journals air out before bringing them in. 

Each page will be unique but the book will be focused on a central theme - favorite quotations, or simply, words to live by.  The girls and I collect quotes on a Pinterest board and we simply pick one that resonates with our soul.  

I decided to make my quotes biblical.  I envision this book as a gift for my Goddaughter.  One of our friends is focusing on Harry Potter quotes.

The trick to being able to write over the paint and over the paper smoothly is to spray the page with the acrylic sealer.  The downside of this is the toxicity of the spray.  I always spray outside and away from the house.  I do not let the children spray their own pages.   However, the sealer provides the artist with a smooth surface to write on.  Sharpie markers glide beautifully over the page and the result is a multi-dimensional journal page.  

This is a fun project.  You must let go of the need to have everything look perfect.  This book is bulky and depending on what you put on your page, it may not close well.  Learning to work across pages is tricky.  Prefolding your paper is key and even then, it may crinkle a bit when you close the pages.  This is okay.  There is beauty in imperfection.  We will do the cover last when we have our quotes and our theme and can envision what the cover should look like.  Using beautful ribbon, a hair tie and a button we will make a closure for the book.  For now, this will do......


Karen said...

I am SO glad you did this post!! Keilee and I have been seeing your IG posts and we bought board books yesterday. I told Kei I hoped you would show us what to do with them!! :) I LOVE this idea. I got some paint samples yesterday and got a little bummed when mine looked NOTHING like yours. Keilee said, "Mom it is OK, Jessica is an artist" ;) Thank YOU for all your inspiration.

Jessica said...

Karen, Check out my Pinterest board on Zentangles. I am just getting it started but there are zillions of how-to's for Zentangles! I never knew doodling was so complicated! Don't be limited by my samples....glue beads on them, embroider on them, collage inspiring words, etc. There is no limit to creativity!!!!

dstb said...

I've been waiting to see what you were going to do with these. Fabulous! My parent's 50th anniversary is coming up, so this might be a little something to do. I had Googled around after I saw that you were going to use the board books to create journals. Instead of gesso, someone had pealed off the pictures exposing the cardboard beneath. This doesn't give you the smooth surface you created, but might work if you were going to use another technique.

Thanks for this great idea!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Thanks, as always, for the inspiration. I'm off to pin this.

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