Thursday, June 27, 2013


The girls had the opportunity to dog-sit my sister’s new puppy.  He is a ball of fur and energy.  Very cute.  Very exhausting!  The girls did just about everything except get up at 4:45am to keep him company.  There may have been some tears when he went home.  Lilah scored a high five for great use of a vocabulary word.  “Grace is abject because the puppy is gone.”  While she is not 100% correct in its usage,  I know she understands the meaning of the word.  

The girls hope they get this opportunity again someday soon.


Karen said...

What an adorable dog. I know they loved 'sitting' him. Keilee would be 'abject' at his leaving also.

Anonymous said...

He's pretty adorable!

Diane said...

Thanks for the heads up about the tortillas. I do have two recipes that I want to try but waiting on purchasing the ingredients. As far as school planning goes I have two subjects completely planned out, one partially planned, with a couple more to go. I might do some more planning today. Have a great holiday week.

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