Friday, June 14, 2013

Collage Friday

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Flag:  We hung an American Flag on our side entrance.  We used to have one but the bracket broke in half during a storm a few years ago.  Every week we try to add one new thing to the yard.  The garden is growing and the lettuce and kale are soaking up this never ending rain.

7 Cool Homeschoolers: This week’s theme was “what is on your device”.  

Write Around Town: I am trying to add some fun back into our homeschooling.  Looking back over 10,000 old photos from the past 2 years (no exaggeration....I let 10,000 photos collect on my laptop which caused some serious system disc issues...) I realized that we need to inject our days with a bit of fun and whimsy.  I put an email out on our homeschooling yahoo group that the girls and I would be “write” around town, visiting local places to write in their journals and would love other children to join us.  We met a lovely 11 year old girl through this activity.  We met up three times to write, at our local library, at Barnes & Noble and at the beach.  The best part is that she is moving to our town next month!

Art Journaling:  I adore our repurposed board book project.  This page of Lilah’s is one of my all time favorites.  Her quote to go with this page is “Sometimes me think what is friend?
And them me say,
friend is someone to share the last cookie with.”

This workshop is one way to connect the girls with their neighborhood friends on a weekly basis.  The workshop is after school from 4:00-6:00.  Originally it was scheduled for 4 weeks but I anticipate it lasting through the summer.

Rainbow:  Three rainbows in one day.  Such a gift.

Greg’s Birthday:  We helped him celebrate his birthday with dinner at our favorite restaurant followed by homemade vegan chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting and chopped Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup candy.  It was better than anything I could buy in a bakery.  Seriously yummy.

Grace at the beach:  I just love this picture of Grace.  It embodies what I feel about homeschooling: the freedom and the ability to make the world your classroom.  

We are officially in summer mode which means a very relaxed learning environment.  Writing group still meets, art journaling meeting, guitar and piano are year round.  Grace is picking up additional piano lessons to focus on playing at more masses this upcoming year and possibly a summer ballet camp.  Lilah is baking and drawing and reading.  She just finished Number the Stars and is half way through Harry Potter Book One (Thanks Keilee!)   There is documentary watching (this week we watching Taylor Swift’s concert documentary as well as Chemerical (a documentary about removing all toxic home cleaners and body products from the home).  There was some Minecrafting, bike riding and lots of gymnastics.  Grace spent 90 minutes at the library attending a introductory meeting for teen volunteering and has already signed up for her first hours.  She is doing this with a good friend which makes it even more fun.  She can’t wait to work with the toddlers. There has been dinner making, green smoothie harvesting, potato beetle killing, and lots of caring for a ill dog and daddy!

Homegrown Learners


Dawn said...

What a great week. It seems like everyone is getting to the beach.
Blessings, Dawn

Anonymous said...

I love the Write Around Town idea. I have been really getting in to Writing Down the Bones just on a personal level and trying to set time aside every day to do an really is amazing the things that come up when you let yourself be free to just write! (My post last night and the email I sent you are from my exercise with WDB).

Anonymous said...

Love reading about all your doings. Really wish we lived closer. I love that you are trying so hard. Harry Potter seams to be a theme around here this summer. DTBLE

Homegrown Learners said...

I do love that picture of Grace, too --- happy summer, my friend!

Karen said...

I love the Write Around Town too! What an amazing idea. I love that picture of of Grace too. It has the same feel of one I took of Keilee and a friend reading in a field while the school bus passes. I love your flag on the house. So beautiful. Keilee is on book #2. :) Isn't Summer lovely? Hope Greg and your dog is better!

Jenn said...

Love the sound of your summer days:) The beach photo is the best advertisement for homeschooling that I've ever seen!!

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