Sunday, June 2, 2013

Paint Sample Bookmarks

Pinterest is another of my go-to sites, like Instagram, for learning about educational materials, backyard gardening, urban farming, art journaling and finding simple, fun projects for when the creative energy needs an outlet.

It has been h-o-t in New England.  90s hot, which means after 9am, I am indoors most of the least until our pool is up and running. I am constantly searching for simple, quick projects that result in something beautiful.

The girls and I picked up some paint samples at Home Depot when we were running errands and turned them into much-needed bookmarks.

These were larger samples so we cut them in half.
We purchased oil based Sharpies that were sold at Home Depot as well.  Lilah did not love working with them, but I did. They do not provide great coverage for large areas of space, but perhaps that was due to the waxy coating on the paint samples.  For adding embellishments and dots of color here and there they are vibrant, metallic and fun to use. 

Add some ribbon and a coat of Mod Podge and these bookmarks will last a very long time!

*Sharpie did not endorse this post but if they should like to in the future, I would be most welcoming to any product they would like me to review!


Diane said...

Those look awesome. What a great idea! I use pinterest for so many things these days. I have boards for everything. Planning cooperative classes, homeschooling, recipes, and on and on. I actually have to go look for some paint soon and may try this with some extra paint samples.

Anonymous said...

Those are great! You reminded me that I wanted to use paint sample cards in my art journal class at co-op and next week is our last week!

Homegrown Learners said...

These are awesome!

Susan Getty said...

Love these, Jess! We'd like to make these ourselves, and I could also see using this project as a library program in the future...thanks :)

Karen said...

I love how these turned out Jess. They are beautiful. Isn't Pinterest wonderful? Keilee saw these on Instagram and wants to make them!

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