Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Write Around Town

Write Around Town was a concept that came to me suddenly.  The girls have a few stories they have been working on that I would like to see finished.  Lilah is still working on her story from the fall which is 17 chapters and 16 pages long!  I thought it would be fun to write around town, visiting a new location with our beach blanket, a snack, and our journals.  

An email was sent out on our homeschooling yahoo group to see if any other local homeschoolers would like to join in.

  • We wrote in the children’s department of our library.
  • We wrote in the cafe at Barnes & Noble.
  • We wrote at the beach.
  • We made a new friend.

Making a new friend was the highlight of this week.  The girls did accomplish my goal of moving their stories one step closer to completion, but while this was taking place, a new relationship was being created.  That is pretty cool to witness.  

This is why I homeschool.  It is not always easy.  There are times when you have to make things happen.  You have to put forth the time and the effort and think outside the box.  Sometimes it is a flop.  But sometimes it is pure bliss.  


Anonymous said...

Did you find that your voice changed in different locations?

Karen said...

Beautiful. We have already talked about some of the locations we want to go. I love this idea so much Jess.

Jessica said...

We were working on stories we already had in progress so the voice was pretty much the same. I bet if you were doing short stories it would have an impact. Writing in a store is much different than writing out in nature.

Jessica said...

I want to try it with other things.....like a different museum a day for a week. Or a different movie a day for a week. Or a different short audiobook a day for a week. I wonder what kind of topic list we could come up with????

Homegrown Learners said...

you are so creative, Jess! I just referred you to a friend of mine who was interested in art journaling. She said she loved your site! I think you need to get that ebook done so that you can share this gift with many!

Jessica said...

Yes.....I know. I have to stop the edit process. Every time I review it, I end up changing something. I am overthinking it and I just need to hit the submit button!

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