Friday, July 12, 2013

Art Journaling: Board Books - Owls

I love using oil pastel over Gesso.  It produces a much smoother deeper texture than using them on the paper in our sketchbooks.  

This week’s board book page will take two weeks to complete.  In order to write over oil pastel, two or three applications of the Krylon Acrylic Sealer need to be applied.  I recently bought the low odor version, which is a huge improvement over the regular sealer.  

Next week the girls will add their quotes to the page.  

I was able to finish mine with a quote from Maya Angelou.


  1. That particular Angelou quote is one of my very favorite quotes of all time. :-) It has helps me struggle through countless battles with parenting guilt. The owls are lovely, Jessica. I am pinning this post now.

  2. I love owls! The pages are great.

  3. They are gorgeous!! I hope Keilee has more time to work on hers after this play. I love that Maya Angelou quote. I ALWAYS tell Keilee that. :)


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