Monday, July 8, 2013

Garden Update

After a week away, we were not sure what to expect in our garden.  The weather in Maine may have been damp and chilly, but in CT it was hot and stormy.  

Our garden thrived while we were away.  

Hidden from view are tiny little garden pests who are also thriving in our garden.  Flea beetles are chomping away on our two of our squash plants, our cabbage and possibly one of our tomato plants.  We are using diatomaceous earth to eradicate them.  We only use this when absolutely necessary because we don’t want to harm our beneficial insects or arachnids, like the spiders who moved from the potato bush into the squash and are keeping those plants pest free.

We also have end-rot on one tomato plant.  After much research we decided to increase the soil’s calcium level by mixing yogurt into the water and we are sprinkling Epsom Salt into the soil which will allow the plant to increase its ability to absorb the calcium from the earth.  

I hope my girls are watching and understand that education is not something that ends when you graduate high school, or college.  I have put hours and hours into educating myself on how to garden and now we are beginning to reap the rewards of that learning!


  1. Beautiful garden. I love what you said about you hope the girls realize learning doesn't end with graduation. I know I tell you this all the time but you are so inspiring to me. I am really getting interested, via Herb Fairies, in home remedies. I know that is something you love also. I wish I could just download your brain into mine! :)

    1. I will get you the rest of the material. I am so sorry I have been behind in so many things. We are without a printer still.......

  2. We just got home from a weekend at the lake. We had weeded early last week and we came home to a garden completely overgrown with weeds and decided gardening is not for us!

    1. Because ours are raised beds, I think it cuts down on some of the weeds, but they are still there! We have our neighbor water and my Mom came over to check on it. When we were gone the pests moved in and I am hoping we can make their choice so miserable (or deadly) they decide to move on to someone else's years!

      I think it is a toss up in terms of efficiency and cost. You can get fresh organic from a local farmers market probably cheaper than our costs were this year (including soil and lumber) but I just love picking greens for a salad or smoothie minutes before you eat them. I could grow just greens and be totally happy.

    2. I am still enjoying my greens as well. And today I am thinking maybe a bit differently about it...I pulled the weeds and it's done. Maybe we should try raised beds...not sure if Jason will be up for that...

      I just signed up for a CSA at our local Whole Foods. It's mostly organic, some CV and ALL LOCAL. We are doing the trial package for $15 a week for 5 weeks (then we may upgrade to the family plan). We picked up our first package today and have tomatoes, greens and herbs for the week, plus blueberries and 6 ears of non-GMO corn!

  3. Everything in the garden looks wonderful. I miss us gardening this year, but we just didn't have the time to put in it. We do still get fresh produce from friends that we barter with eggs from our chickens.

  4. Your garden is beautiful, especially all those greens! I love the last part of your post about true! Every year, I hope to improve and expand our garden just by knowing more- through studying and experience. We have plans to gradually add eight more raised beds (I have four now) and a picket fence. We'll get there eventually...we did set the fence posts already;)


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