Thursday, July 18, 2013

Vegan Gluten Free Gift of Yumminess!

Lilah had the opportunity to bake a cake for my Aunt’s annual pool party.  My Aunt had requested a chocolate cake that would meet her dietary restrictions.  

Lilah modeled her cake on her 10th birthday cake from Carlo’s Bakery in New Jersey (home of The Cake Boss).  She felt she had the skills to make a comparable cake only hers would be vegan and gluten free!

Hours were spend creating a modeling paste from sugar, coconut oil and soy milk which was used to make the girls, the seaweed, and the beach blanket.  She used this same paste and a gumball to create the beach ball.  The only “artificial” ingredient was the blue frosting.  She simply ran out of time to try to create something with organic ingredients.  

Covering the cake and the crumb coating of frosting is a layer of fondant.  This was a brilliant addition because not only did it provide a smooth surface on which to build her beach scene, the fondant could be peeled off when the cake was being enjoyed and none of the brilliantly dyed blue water was consumed!

I estimate about 5 hours went into the creation of this cake.  It was her best work yet!


  1. Looks awesome! I love the Pez (I assume) sandals.


  2. This is a very lovely cake. I know how hard it is to work with gfcf materials, so it makes me appreciate it all the more. Great job.

  3. Great job, Lilah! Grace's cupcakes for her birthday celebration with her friends looked very similar to this! Wish I had thought of using fondant under the blue food dyed part!

  4. I saw this on IG and was blown away! Great job Lilah!!!

  5. Great job!! I am currently working my way through recipes, refining them to be gluten free and sometimes organic. Today I baked some choc. chip cookies with natural applesauce, stevia blend, and gluten free flour mixture. They turned out pretty good.


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