Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Writing Group : Zine

Fridays are officially my favorite day. Fridays bring out the best in me.  I wish all days could be like Fridays.

Friends of the girls come every Friday between 7:30 and 8:00am.  Their dad drops them off on his way to work and they spend the day with us, until about 7:00pm when I return them to his worksite.

By 7:00 I am up, showered, dressed and something yummy is ready to be popped into the oven.  I have a huge lunch in the slow cooker - this was a yummy whole chicken simmering in a dry spice rub.  The back room/studio is readied for writing group and I feel energized.  

I mentioned to Greg that I would love to homeschool someone else’s child in addition to my own because it upps the accountability factor.  I could get out of bed at 6am all summer and have baked goods on the table at 7:30 and a full nutritious meal at 1:00pm but when it is just the three of us, sometimes I sleep in until 7:00 or 7:30 and the day gets away from me.  Breakfast is cereal and I may not shower until an hour before we have to run out the door to guitar lessons, or a dog walking job......

I spent a great deal of time during the heat wave indoors planning our upcoming school year and thinking about what I can do to offer the girls some fun choices in writing group.  Lately I have been getting lots of emails from blog readers about two topics: art journaling and writing group.  I offered up a challenge to the group - respond to the inquiries with a Zine (a handmade mini-magazine) about how to begin and run a writing group for teens/tweens.  This was a spark that quickly ignited a flame of energy.

The studio was like a conference room.  There was planning, sketching, discussing, and creating.  Informational writing is very different from creative storytelling and the process is much different.  At times I stepped out of the room to let the energy flow and the process play out.  

I anticipate that this project will take three weeks.  Copies will be made and the girls will visit locations in town like the library and independent book stores to inquire if their zine may be left for patrons to take free of charge.  

More pictures to come as this project unfolds...


  1. I have read books about zines and even thought about creating some. Next week will be our last art journaling group meeting. I am going to talk to the girls about maybe still meeting once a month. Everyone's schedule gets so hectic when the "school year" starts back up.

    1. Ours does to. In fact my girls are a bit done with art journaling. I counted our hours this summer to apply to fine arts for Grace's binder and we racked up 32 hours so far......we may take a break from it, do it for fun when we want and then come back to it in the spring with a workshop.

      The Zine project is exciting and I am looking forward to watching it develop.

  2. This is so great. You said their Dad dropped them off. Are they all sisters? What a wonderful group of girls and how fun!! Years ago I had a friend of Keilee's over for 2 weeks for a Lewis and Clark lapbook. It was so good to be accountable for someone besides Keilee so Iknow exactly what you mean.

    1. Not all sisters! Three sets of sisters. Just one pair come on Fridays, or they have been the past few Fridays. I hope it is something that we can keep up as long as their Dad is working in our area. They live about 30 min from us but North, which is a direction we rarely travel!


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