Tuesday, August 6, 2013

LAcrafters, an new Etsy site

Operating an Etsy shop has been a dream of Lilah’s for a long, long time.  Originally she wanted to sell her baked goods but after really thinking through the pitfalls of this, not to mention the disruption it would cause in our homeschooling, she decided to start her cupcake club instead.  

There has been a flurry of creativity in our home this summer.  Lilah and her friend have been crafting up a storm.  She is using the back room as her studio work space.  Here she keeps her fabric, her ribbon, her bobby pins and clips, her glue gun, scissors and exacto knives.  She is up early working and often goes to be late. 

We agreed that she was ready to operate her own shop, LAcrafters.  Legally it is my shop.  I opened it to sell my home made deodorant, soy and beeswax candles, and other odds and ends I make.  I let Lilah redesign the “store”.  She and her friend created the banner, wrote up the welcome note, and together we learned how to list and price the items.  She needed help with the first item but after that she was on her own. They do all the photography for the site on my iPhone.

She keeps a handwritten ledger which is exactly like the one she kept while working on Simply Charlotte Mason’s business math book store.  She had a starting balance, has taken money out for supplies, recorded operational costs ($.20 per item listed) and this weekend she put money in with her first sale!  She grumbles over the ledger but it is my stipulation to operating the store.  You have to know where your money is going.  

New items are being listed every day.   She is learning about patience and perseverance.  Unlike Instagram where people can hit “like” instantaneously, selling things online takes time.  She needs to advertise her store.  She needs to make business cards to leave at local shops.  She may take some lessons at Jo-Ann to fine tune her sewing skills.  We are looking into a design workshop for the fall.  There are so many directions this interest can take if she chooses to give it her full attention.  


Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

This is fabulous. My oldest daughter makes things constantly, and she often daydreams about actually selling them. I'm going to tell her about Lilah's store.

Jessica said...

The process has been much easier than I thought it would be. Etsy makes it simple for someone to set up a site in a day, provided you have the bank account information. The hardest part for us is making sure to do the ledger entries every day. Today we have to account for the shipping cost. Of course, Etsy, does not require this, by I do!

Tereza Crump aka MyTreasuredCreations said...

Great project. I got a 10 y.o. who is also crafty and is wanting to start a business. For now, she is only working on improving her sewing skills and making gifts for people. We were going to participate in a local festival but changed our plans.

Karen said...

We have already talked about how awesome this is! Keilee was so inspired by Lilah that she was online last night designing her store! She is hard at work on things to sell on it. This is just WONDERFUL!! Go Lilah!!

Stephanie said...

I find this fascinating, especially since my 9 y/o daughter is starting a business too. Kudos to Lilah and Keilee! I'm looking forward to showing this to Trisha.

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