Friday, August 30, 2013

Not Back To School Day 2013

It’s official.  Our 2013-2014 year is underway.  I consider us year round schoolers.  Anything that happens after June 1 is applicable to the new “school” year.  Right now I am not counting hours or record keeping for Lilah, that will come next year. However, I am diligently keeping my binder, which I will post more on soon, and recording the hours, classes and learning that occur for Grace.  (20 hours music instruction, 12 hours science, 15 hours of art, 11 hours life skills, 8 hours volunteering, etc).

However, our “official” day, our Not Back To School Day, happened Wednesday, the 28th.  As the kids were walking by our house on their way down the hill to the elementary school, we were getting ready to drive to Hartford to visit the Connecticut Science Center.  

This is an interesting place.  It has hands on activities that are engaging and informative.  The girls enjoyed the science in sports exhibit where they learned that controlling a snowboard is about the degree of angle you make between the board and the snow.  They enjoyed manipulating air to move a beach ball and designing a paper kite.  They are not too old for the Lego table and they enjoyed the views from the roof top garden.

The center is heavily funded through donations from Connecticut businesses, many of them big medicine and big pharma.  While I believe antibiotics have a place in our world, I felt that there was an imbalance of the importance of man made medicine over natural medicine.  I would love to have seen a display about plants native to Connecticut and their healing powers. 

Our trip was a pleasant way to begin our adventures into 6th and 8th grade.  I am looking forward to this year and the many activities, classes, trips, and adventures it will bring.


Karen said...

It looks like a great Not Back to School trip. It seems very similar to our Sci Quest. Lots of great hands on science activities. I can not wait to see what this year brings you and your girls! And Greg too. :) Happy NOT BACK TO SCHOOL!

Diane said...

This looks like a great fun first day of school.

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