Sunday, September 15, 2013

Beach Night

Mother Nature has been playing some tricks on us lately.  This week she sent us hot, humid weather.  The kind of weather that takes your breath away, wears you down, and makes you feel like you are walking through mud.  

What better time for a beach night?  A night to gather together with friends and enjoy the ocean breeze that makes it just a little bit easier to breath.  A time to see friends before our schedules scatter us in different directions across the state.  A night to count our blessings and appreciate our friendships.  

I love these nights.  I will miss them when Mother Nature showers us with falling leaves and blankets us with snow.   


  1. Just heading into spring down here and looking forward to some hotter evenings of our own.

  2. I LOVE the pic of all the kids climbing on the stand...Keep Off sign and all:)

    A beautiful night!


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