Thursday, September 12, 2013


Every now and then I scan Pinterest for creative educational ideas for middle school.  Every now and then I stumble upon pure brilliance.  Like this:

I don’t want to give my girls a list of words to look up and memorize.  I want them to find joy in words and be able to do more than simply memorize and recite them or use them in a sentence to score a grade on a vocabulary test.  My goal is to make these words part of their daily vocabulary.  

Last year we began a vocabulary journal using the personification method.  The words come Word Smart, published by the Princeton Review.   

Here is a peek into Lilah’s journal:

*I am aware that there are spelling and grammatical errors in her journal.  We have addressed this and her  journal entries for 2013-2014 are error free!


Karen said...

When Keilee was in 2nd grade I bought this book called "Vocabulary Cartoons-Word Power Made Easy" We still use it. It shows cartons and puts silly 'rhymes' to them. This reminds me very much of that. Lilah's journal is FABULOUS!!

Traci Land said...

I am going to show this to Mia. I think she will enjoy doing this. Such a wonderful idea!

Jessica said...

Thank you for sharing that book with me! I am always looking for ways to make the ordinary extraordinary. You are a master at that!

Jessica said...

Look at the website I linked to. It is filled with wonderful ideas!

Anonymous said...

I love her journal.I can't wait to start this idea with my kids soon. Thank you for sharing the idea.

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