Monday, September 30, 2013


Wednesday was set aside in our schedule as a day to go on field trips, take enrichment classes, visit with friends and travel to see family.   In September we:

In this class the girls learned the physics of flight as well as the mathematics involved in balancing the plane’s weight, determining flying altitude and flight speed vs. ground speed. They learned that angle degrees are used to set direction (N = 360 degrees) and certain degreed regulate if you fly at odd or even altitudes.  

There was hands on collaboration between students to chart a flight pattern using proper instrumentation and record it on a flight log.  Their hypothetical flight was from New London to Brainard Airport in Hartford.  They hand to find landmarks and calculate the distance between each landmark.  They then headed to the flight simulator where they used their maps and flight plans to fly the geographically accurate course on the simulator.  

We closed our day (4.5 hour class) with a tour of the historical planes that are housed in the museum.  History, math, and science, oh my!  *I am thankful my girls did not mind that I was one of only 2 parents who attended this class.  It was a drop off class but I neglected to ask this in advance.  It was too far to drive home and I foolishly brought nothing with me to occupy my time, so I sat in the back of the class and listened in.......

Our Wednesday field trip days will continue into October with some very exciting plans that tie into our history study.....stay tuned!


dstb said...

I like the idea of setting aside a set day for field trips. That makes sure you actually DO them. I don't know if I could manage one each week, but I certainly could do one a month! I want to go to Kent to CAMA (CT Antique Machinery Association), but I need to do it soon because I think they close for the winter. Besides all the machinery they have a great little museum on Geology that they were still finishing up the last time we were there. We are studying Earth Science, so now is the time to go!

Thanks for the reminder.

Karen said...

We love field trips. Last year we weren't able to do any so we are taking everyone offered. Do you plan them for you and the girls or are they all groups? This one looks awesome. Kei took an Aviation class for 6 weeks a year and a half ago that she loved.

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