Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Kindness....pass it on.

LCC (Lilah’s Cupcake Club) was the project that Lilah poured her heart and soul into last year.  Once or twice a month she would get together with two friends and bake, and bake and bake.  Usually vegan.  Always gluten free.  The girls would decide an local organization to be the recipient of their baked goods.  

This year Lilah's focus has shifted to her Etsy shop, LAcrafters, but she has not forgotten about LCC, and thankfully her two friends have not either!  

It just so happened that our next door neighbors, an elderly couple who are like surrogate great-grandparents to my girls, was having a hard day.  They needed assistance and had to push pride aside in order to get the help they needed.  What better pick me up for this dear couple, than a homemade, still warm, cupcake, made with love by three girls?  The girls hoped their gift of yumminess would brighten their day.

You can’t really teach children kindness.  You can demonstrate it in your everyday life and hope that they pick up on it.  We have countless opportunities for acts of kindness from day to day, or from hour to hour.  It may be a large act, like dedicating a few hours out of your day to help someone in need or it may be something as small as letting a person with fewer groceries go ahead of you in the checkout line.  It may be holding the door open for someone, or simply sharing a smile.  

These girls are kind.  They just ooze kindness.  Being part of this shared project gives them time to share their friendship, their interests, their talents and bring joy not only to each other, but to people they have never met.  Lilah’s friends may not realize that a special delivery of homemade cupcakes brought someone such joy.  In this small act of kindness, they very well may have changed the course of someone’s day.

That is powerful.  Kindness.  Pass it on....


Jenn said...

Love this, Jess

Karen said...

Yes and YES!!! I love this and agree 100%. We lead by example and I am always trying to do little things; things that on the surface are not much. Smiles and hellos, holding open a door, and such. I love the girls' hearts. So beautiful and kind. Keilee has always been kind and giving. It is all she has ever known. Our church is wonderful for that. She has done so many things to reach out and help others. I believe so strongly that if we were all just kinder to each other the world would change so. WTG Lilah and LCC!!!!!!

Shel said...

Love this post and I especially love that last pictures of the girls walking together. Truly gorgeous!

And yes, kindness is so vital and truly can make the world a better place!

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