Monday, October 21, 2013

Reset Button

Some days just suck.  They just do.  No matter if you are working, or working at home, if you are in school, or if you homeschool.  Sucky days pop up now and then.  If you give in to the downward spiral it can literally feel like quicksand pulling you further and further away from peace and tranquility into a state of distress.

One thing I have learned is to not get pulled under.  Even though Greg is not here physically during the daylight hours of each weekday, he has made a commitment to be the best father he can in absentia.  If I need him, I text him and 99% of the time he is able to adjust what he is doing at work to help me.  He has such a nurturing way with the girls that I have coined him my “reset button”.  He will call from work, talk with the girls, talk with me and help us to work through whatever crisis we are experiencing.  He pulls us up and out of the quicksand.  

Homeschooling Dads don’t often get credit for what they do behind the scenes.  In most families the educational responsibilities do seem to fall primarily on the mother and my hat goes off to those truly exceptional single homeschooling parents who do this on their own in addition to balancing work and household responsibilities.  I am in awe of them every day.  Greg has a vital role in our homeschool, even if he is not the parent who is doing the teaching, coordinating the schedule, driving to activities, and counting credit hours.  I try every day to be the best mother I can be and some days I do a better job than others.  On those days where I fall short, he is there to support me and step in and help me.

Every now and then I have to share my heartfelt appreciation for my partner, my husband and my best friend.  Today was one of those days where he was our reset button and we were able to take a really suckish day and turn it around.  


Karen said...

This was so sweet and touching Jess. I have always loved Greg's relationship to the girls. Even thought I have never seen it in person, I can tell from pictures and posts that he is such a good Dad. You are very lucky to have him as your 'reset button'. :)

Jessica said...

I give thanks We all need a reset button. Sometimes a call from a friend does the trick just as well! You free this afternoon??

Jen Dunlap said...

I agree that most homeschool dads don't get enough credit. Bob is similar, not here for the day to day stuff, but still very involved. He is now in charge of math for the older kids and it has been such a blessing. Just today I heard my oldest say "I get this, I love math". He never said that when I was in charge ;)

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