Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Day in New Haven

Saturday the girls had another class at Yale, class #2 of 4 in a series of physics classes for girls interested in science.  The first class was physics of the invisible world.  This class was physics of the material world.  Normally I would run the girls to New Haven, drop them off, chat with my friends, come home, do a few errands and then run back to New Haven, pick them up, deliver them home and then finally drive back to my home around 3:00pm.

This time, I asked Greg to ignore the thick blanket of leaves on our lawn, to step over the piles of laundry accumulating and threatening to spill out of the laundry sorter and to put off food shopping for one more day.  It was a glorious day.  The kind of day that just begs to be celebrated.  5 hours alone with my husband, my best friend, is certainly celebration enough.

We sipped a latte at Blue State Coffee, which I have to admit was a bit hard for me to do.  We almost bought my parents a coffee mug as a Christmas gift, a joke gift.  As we sat surrounded by “kids” studying and studying at 9:30 on a glorious Saturday morning, we talked about my most recent read: Better Than College: How to Build a Successful Life Without a Four-Year Degree.  Most likely there will be a post coming with more about this book.  A quick review: it completely changed my perspective of a gap year and gave me valuable insight into how cool a homeschooled high school experience could be.  However, chatting about this in the the company of “kids”, who most likely did not take this route, felt a bit radical.  

After a stop at the Apple store, we perused Yale’s Bookstore and I found Brundibar!   I sat in the comfy rocking chair and ignored the tears that came to my eyes as I read the powerful story of children banding together to stop an evil tyrant.  As I read this I could not help but think that we must know our history because this ending page, a letter from Brundibar (Hitler) is all too true.

Normally this would be enough for me.  Coffee and a book store?  That is my ideal day.  Add to this a fabulous lunch - outside - in mid-November - in Connecticut and well.....that is almost too much.  I have driven by Caseus a zillion times, but we usually default to our favorite Indian restaurant when we are in New Haven.  The girls do not like Indian as much as we do, and usually we revel in the opportunity to have a meal there.  Caseus is a fromagerie and bistro and it is great comfort food.  In hindsight, we should not have ordered both a cheese plate and a ginormous grilled cheese, but it was very, very good.  I tried to ignore the fact that I could indeed feel my arteries clogging, and vowed to do a cleanse, after I enjoyed this meal, outside, in 65 degree sunshine, in November, with Greg.

We had just enough time left to pop into an eclectic vintage clothing shop before we had to head back to pick up the girls.  I’m so glad we took this time together.  The holiday season in retail means longer hours and more travel.  Greg and I will not get this opportunity to spend such quality time alone again for awhile.  The leaves, the laundry and the food shopping got done eventually.  Those things are important, but not nearly as important as the time we spend talking, laughing, strolling, and reveling in the day.


Rosemarie said...

Oh, We miss Caseus so much! That was our date night place. We lived only 10 minutes from there.
Sounds like you guys had a great day!
Happy Thanksgiving.

Homegrown Learners said...

ok -- that grilled cheese makes the entire day, doesn't it? Sounds heavenly! ;-)

Jessica said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!!

Jessica said...

It was very good. The cheese platter was truly amazing. I could have been satisfied with that and a salad but Greg and I split the sandwich so it was not all for me!

Karen said...

Oh Jess, what a wonderful day with Greg. Every single part of it sounds perfect. I am so glad you were able to do this. :)

Sandra said...

Five hours alone with your husband is certainly reason enough for celebration. It's certainly a reminder that I need to carve out some time with mine. Even though he currently works primarily at home I feel like we've hardly seen each other recently - definitely something to be rectified.

Jessica said...

It came just days before he left on a business trip. I think while he was away I spoke to him for all of 15 minutes. Having the time made his absence a little easier.

Jessica said...

You have to take the time when you can, rather than trying to make the time. This opportunity has been there before but we choose errands and yard work over time with each other. I am so glad we made the choice to spend time together during this class. Thankfully there are two more Saturday classes left in this series.....two more upcoming dates with my husband!

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