Sunday, November 3, 2013

Choir Kept Me From Being Valedictorian: TED Talk

This has been a topic that keeps popping up now that I am researching homeschooling high school.  I recently attended a homescooling high school meeting and learned that this AP obsession is not only confined to traditionally schooled children.  Homeschoolers are also taking full loads of AP classes, spending weekends locked in bedrooms studying, stressing about quantity over quality, and losing touch with family and friends in the pursuit of a 5.0 GPA.

I discovered this at  

Fascinating 12 minutes.  


  1. Excellent. I am sharing this one.

  2. Share away! It blew me away that a student who participates in the arts is somehow deemed less academically worthy than one who opts for a study hall over a class in that arts. You and I both have artistic daughters and I would hate for them to somehow be given the impression that an art, music, theater, orchestra, band, choir, chorus, art history, etc. class is less important than a calculus, biology, civics, history or language arts class or that they are less worthy as a student than a peer who takes only academic AP classes. This world needs artists. Desperately.

  3. Wow!! This is so sad to me. As a Mom I am so glad my artistic daughter is homeschooled! It reminds me of that saying, "At what price freedom"? I SO agree, the world needs artists. Keilee would be a shadow of herself with the arts.


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