Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Marching to her own beat

The rhythm of life has a constantly changing beat.  I realized that I may have to put some of our lessons aside for a few weeks in order to give Grace time to practice for her upcoming performances.

This past weekend she performed for the Childrens' Choir at church and later that same day performed to cheers and whistles at an assisted living facility.

Between now and December she has: 
  • a volunteer performance at the elder day care center that her friend’s grandmother attends
  • a piano seminar at an upcoming University Splash 
  • a volunteer performance at a Newtown Holiday party, where she will play her own medley of Christmas music.
  • another volunteer performance at an assisted living home which will accompany her piano teacher’s adult choir
  • she will be playing the music for our church’s upcoming Christmas pageant
  • she was invited to play at church for the December family mass

All this falls between now and the middle of December.  Yesterday, after her third music lesson of the day (one guitar and two piano), Grace sat down at the dining room table and announced that her brain was full.  Day over.  She was done.  

She was also very happy.  


Sandra said...

You've captured three really important aspects of a great education here - the ability to march to your own beat, the ability to stop when your brain is full, and happiness

Karen said...

That is what I LOVE about educating at home. You can stop for a few weeks and let them do other things that inspire them and make them happy to the brim!! Yay Grace!! We would love to hear you play.

Jessica said...

Your comment was there! I am going to video her performances and put them here so that her Grandparents and extended family that live to far for her to perform for them can see her play.

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