Monday, November 25, 2013

SoundWaters: Schooner Sail

Part of the SoundWaters class was an experience on their floating classroom, an 80 feet schooner, where the focus of the sail was a hands on exploration of life science.

The children rotated among stations on the deck which included: how the use of pulleys and other simple machines assist in making work easier, rope tying, ocean ecology, and marine life.  The children had the opportunity to raise the sails on the schooner and take a turn steering the ship’s wheel.  

To be completely honest, I felt the curriculum offered was too young for these children.  I wished they were presented with a more challenging offering of stations to work through.  However, what I took away from this day was not so much the educational value of the material offered, but the life experience they had of sailing aboard such a magnificent vessel.  

This day was truly picture perfect.  Manhattan’s skyline was just visible on the horizon and the fall sun gifted us with our last pinky glow of the year.  Since parents were not welcome to join in on the educational lessons, we had three hours to sit and enjoy and visit and appreciate.  

*This hurricane barrier in the city of Stamford, CT was featured on Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe in 2006.  YouTube has the embed feature blocked for this video clip.  If you want to watch you can find a clip of the episode at:

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