Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Doodle Draw Art

Through the magic of Instagram, my girls have discovered the YouTube channel Doodle Draw Art.  Simple, short drawing tutorials.  I used the snowflake tutorial with my writing group Friday.  Six girls ranging in age from 8 to 13 all created the most beautiful snowflakes in their writing notebooks.  This became their prompt.  I always give them “invitations” to write.  What is your ideal snow day?  Write about a favorite winter storm.  Does your family have any winter traditions? Describe the first snow of the season.  

I love combining art and writing.  I ask the girls to pay close attention to their internal dialogue when they are drawing.  What are you thinking about?  What does the drawing remind you of? 

Our writing “warm ups” can take anywhere from 10-20 minutes on average.  We then move on to our core writing projects.  The older girls are working on finishing up an epic collaborate piece, and Grace has just a few edits left on her longest writing project to date, a fictional story inspired by her own life, about adopting a rabbit.


Rosemarie said...

What a neat website. My boys and I have been busy doodling so I think they will love this. A great before dinner activity.

Sandra said...

I must point Miss 13 in the direction of Doodle Draw Art. The video approach might help her overcome her frustarion with her artistic ability.

Karen said...

I saw this "Doodle Draw Art" on another Instagram feed and wondered what it was. About to check it now!! Love this. Keilee is starting her periodic table today inspired by you and your girls. :)

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