Friday, January 31, 2014

Nature Journaling at SoundWaters

When the girls and I did science at home every Monday, we incorporated nature journaling into our day.  Years ago the girls kept the most beautiful journal when we were studying botany, but our practice of blending science and art fell away when that study came to a close.  

I asked the girls to bring their journals to SoundWaters and to use their journal as a place to record information about an animal and the learning that took place that day.  It is a quiet time of reflection and study.  They each pick their own place among the aquariums and work. In addition to their learning that day, they record the date, the temperature and the weather conditions.

The practice of journaling is spreading among the group.  Right now my two girls and two others are using the time after class for nature journaling.  I am expecting more to join in next week.


  1. A great way to wrap up each time of learning. Love nature journaling, but we just don't do it like we did when Grace was younger. As she grew older Grace was mostly interested in drawing what she wanted to draw and not be assigned something so nature journaling got left behind.

  2. Such a wonderful idea Jess. and what a wonderful record they will have. A nature journal is one thing that we have tried time and time again to no avail. We have several journals of only a few pages. Love this!!!


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