Monday, January 6, 2014


We don’t do New Year Resolutions.   We would just be setting ourselves up to fail.  We do what feels right when it feels right.  We had the idea to quit cable so we quit cable.  We I don’t miss it one bit!  We phase in and out of daily green smoothies.  Right now we are detoxing from overindulging in holiday sweets, so we are smoothy-ing almost every day.  We try to exercise as much as possible, but we realize this is an area that we can improve on.

Our lifestyle should allow for more exercise, given that we have the freedom to schedule it in, but we find ourselves with very little time.  Greg gets off the train at 8pm and going for a run in the dark is not very appealing, especially in the snow and ice.  I loved and craved my yoga classes but my girls do not like staying home alone at night in the dark, which makes my 6pm class impossible to attend.

We realized that for less than what we were paying for cable television, we could join the YMCA.  If we change our weekends just a bit, we can all get what we need.

The girls are old enough to swim, or sit in the lounge without a parent, which frees Greg and I up to take an exercise or yoga class.  Greg has started his class, a TRX suspension class and I am hoping to join yoga this week.

The girls are enjoying the pool.  They swam twice last week and I have written time into our schedule so that we can go at least once a week.  Time will not magically appear.  I am always considering our schedule and the needs of our family.  There will be some other new additions this winter.  Things to keep active, keep in touch with friends.  We will spend time pursuing new activities and we will open ourselves up to the possibilities of new friendships.

Grace received an Olympus tough camera which is waterproof up to 30 feet.  It keeps their creative side busy while in the water!


dstb said...

I keep toying with going back to the Y, but a family membership is over $1000 and although we have good intentions...

We cut back to the most basic cable over 10 years ago and I don't feel like we've missed much. That said, we did end up adding Netflix last year. Now that my boys are teens, they also feel like they are missing out on sports coverage. I wish you could just pick and choose the channels you want to pay for!

I have started putting together a list of activities to get me outdoors more (and to try new things). It is based on the 101 Things in 1001 Days. I don't have 101 things yet, but the hope is to make positive, healthy changes!

Love those underwater pics. I got an underwater camera last year so that I don't have to worry about it getting wet when kayaking. I've been very pleased with the pictures.

Enjoy the pool!

Diane said...

I so wish we had a YMCA close to our home. We did join this local gym about a week ago, but no pool.

Jessica said...

I've missed out on taking pictures on some of our trips because I was afraid I would drop my iPhone in the water or water would splash on my dslr camera. I love that Grace has this camera and I can borrow it!

Jessica said...

We have several Y's near us. In fact we have one within walking distance but it is the only one in our area that has not been renovated and it cannot compare to the one we go to, with its classes and facilities. We keep hoping that our little YMCA will be renovated. That would be a dream come true.

Karen said...

Our YMCA is about 35 minutes away. This would be awesome. I love the underwater pictures!!! Keilee would like a camera like that. There is a new fitness place opening up here and we may check it out. $10 a month which is awesome.

Sandra said...

You are so right about time not magically appearing. If we want something to happen we have to find the time.

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