Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Winter in Connecticut

Snow.  We have had our share of it.  I keep reminding myself that this is winter in Connecticut.  This is normal, if not always welcome.  

For Grace the snow is a blessing.  Her friends who live in the neighborhood get a snow day and this has given her the opportunity to spend hours and hours on the hill with them.  Being out in the elements is good for her soul.  

The snow has not always been kind to us.  Lilah’s 5th Annual Valentine’s Day Party saw half the number of people we were expecting because towns to the north of us got several inches of snow the night before.  It was still a beautiful time thanks to the thoughtful organizing and planning of Lilah.  This is her day.  Planning events that bring joy to others is good for her soul.

And then there is Jake.  He loves the snow.  Every single flake.  It brings out his inner puppy.  Catching snow balls is good for his soul.  

And me?  Well, I just cross my fingers that the snow falls on a day that Greg is home so I can get some much needed help cleaning the sidewalks and entryways.  A snow day with my best friend is very, very good for my soul.

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