Monday, March 24, 2014

Random Dinosaurs

Animal Kingdom was not our favorite park.  It was too crowded and too random.  It felt like walking through a zoo with a few carnival games thrown in here and a few rides thrown in there.  But there were a few highlights:

There were some cool animals to view:

The Tibetan area and the lovely prayer flags that lined the walkways.

I was able to purchase some yummy somosas and Greg ate a very good falafel wrap. We watched and listened to an amazing duo play traditional Asian instruments set to a contemporary beat.  Grace and I could have stayed and listened longer but we FastPassed the admission for the safari.

It was pretty cool.

There were more smiles.

And random dinosaurs.


  1. I was thinking out of all the parks my kids might do best at Animal Kingdom first. Every since watching the documentary on Sea World though, my view has changed on animals in captivity. It seems sort of sad! I read a quote not too long ago that said "the greatest gift a wild animal has is their freedom". I know I sound like a hippy but it's stuck with me!! The animals certainly are beautiful.

  2. We aren't huge fans of zoos. While we LOVE seeing all the animals, Keilee always feels sad that they are captive. But aren't they all so gorgeous?!!!


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