Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Enjoying the Process

The flip flops are put away.  The skirts, shorts, tee shirts, and tanks are packed away for whenever winter decides to loosen it’s vice like grip on Connecticut.  We are back to our routine, a slightly more rigorous routine as we push through to accomplish a few things before the weather improves and we would much rather be outside than inside doing mapwork...

Book Club - We had our second meeting to discuss Neil Gaiman’s Coraline.  I love that this group of kids each brings a unique perspective to the conversation and we really did not need the structure of the literacy circle to keep the group on task.  They just seem to really enjoy talking about books.  I love seeing Grace’s booklist grow and grow. Our next selection is because of mr. terupt by Rob Buyea.  We just finished a fabulous audiobook version of The Other Half of My Heart by Sundee T. Frazier.

Wordly Wise 3000 - Grace began this workbook and she loves it.  I was a bit surprised since we do not do much with workbooks, but she enjoys making her vocabulary cards, working on one lesson a day and having a “spelling test” on Friday.  

When we first began homeschooling, my Aunt, a retired 5th grade teacher gave me a bunch of her material.  She gave me the Wordly Wise workbook and another workbook that Lilah is using, Houghton Mifflin’s English.  This is a compilation of many one-page lessons covering a variety of grammar concepts from simple and complete subject and predicates, proofreading, run on sentences and verb tense.  Some of it is new, some of it is review, and some of it she likes and some it is she dislikes, which is to be expected with a workbook, but both girls enjoy the quick lessons and they like what they are learning!

Math - Lilah is on her last book in the elementary series of Life of Fred.  We just discovered Fibonacci numbers and have watched some cool videos and even discovered that the C chord is made up of the Fibonacci sequence!  We have to decide if we are going to stick with LOF or make a change for middle school math.  

Grace just switched from Holt’s Pre-Algebra to Teaching Textbooks Algebra I.  We are keeping our same structure of doing the lesson together.  I keep my algebra notebook and Grace keeps hers and when she gets an answer wrong, we go over it together, in addition to doing the review of the problem on the computer.  So far, it is working for us, better than a traditional textbook was.  

Those our our updates for now.  Everything else stays the same, except we will be pushing to finish a few things, like Herb Fairies and Mapping the World with Art.  I am going to be doing these lessons with my girls on our own, separate from the Friday group, so that we can complete the curriculum.  If I wait until all the girls are together on a Friday, I fear we will never reach the end!

It stands to reason that if you add in more structured work, you have to add in more time at home.  We have been staying put more these days, which gives us the opportunity to spend time reading, writing, researching and enjoying the process.    


firstgood said...

Have you ever use KHAN academy? Dtble

Jessica said...

We have. Not as a stand alone program but in addition to what we are using. If we get stuck, we look up the tutorial. I do plan to use it for some of her work next year. Do you use it?

Karen said...

I love the ebb and flow of homeschooling. I love how you can change something that isn't working. Your 'back to routine' looks so lovely. We are doing something different for April. No work required, no lists. All I want Keilee to do is keep a list of every thing she does every day. Whether that is watching CNN, crocheting, updating her Augustus journal, watching Crash Course, Algebra, whatever. I actually started doing this a few weeks ago. I was feeling like I got nothing accomplished but once I started writing it all down I realized how much I was doing. We shall see how it goes. :)

firstgood said...

Yes, for both girls and life of Fred. I find the oldest less frustrated with Math when she uses KHAN this year. Last year we did Math U See. I thought it was ok.

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