Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The flu

Last week Grace was struck by the flu.  It put her out of commission for an entire week.  It is very hard to keep one child on a schedule when the other child is sick in bed watching videos.  While Grace rested, Lilah took full advantage of her week to pursue her interests.

She began a letter writing project.  She made a list of her favorite products  and wrote letters to the manufacturers in support of their product.  So far letters have been sent to Duct Tape, EOS, a toy manufacturer in Singapore, and Hasbro.  Duct Tape wrote a lovely personal letter back to Lilah and included stickers of Trusty Duck, their mascot.  We are hopeful the other companies will write back as well.  

Her letters were formatted, edited and accompanied by a beautiful envelop.  She was proud of her work.  

She took time to try a new cupcake recipe.  She modified her icing recipe, a recipe that she created, and she tried her hand at piping melted chocolate.  

I took some time for myself and attended Lee Binz’s webinar on homeschooling high school and read a few of her coffee break eBooks.   I have been updating Grace’s 8th Grade Binder and have begun to write course descriptions.  Where did this year go?  I feel like I was just on my couch reading how to create a binder and now I am working on adding finishing touches to a very productive 8th grade year.  

I am glad I took this year to research high school, plan for it, test it out, see what it takes to state equivalency.  I don’t want my girls to be handed a diploma without earning it.  I want them to feel the satisfaction of knowing that they graduated with the same credit load, if not more than their peers, even if their education will look nothing like a traditional education.

I am glad Grace did not have to “miss” a week of school.  She was able to give her body the rest and care it needed to heal.  Lilah was able to take advantage of her time to dig into projects that she loves.  While I did have a little freak about about watching so much tv, I apologized, recovered and moved on.  A little marathon of 19 Kids and Counting won’t harm anyone.  

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Diane said...

Thanks for the awesome idea about Grace commissioning her work. I will talk with her about that tomorrow. She has another business idea in the works as well that I will share about soon. Sorry you had a sick one this week and hoping she is feeling better.

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