Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Piano Guys: Sheer Brilliance

As part of Grace’s 13th Birthday, she was given tickets to see The Piano Guys in concert at UCONN’s Jorgensen Center.  I have been to many concerts ranging from opera performances to U2, Michael Jackson to The Grateful Dead.  Some just stand out more than others.  This was one of those nights that our family will never forget. As Grace put it “It was so much more than even I was expecting...” 

Grace is their biggest fan.  She has been working on perfecting her version of Waterfall for months. It is the song she saves for all her volunteer performances.  This song is special.  It is her song.  Jon Schmidt wrote it when he was 17, and Grace will remember it as the anthem of her teen years as well.  When Jon played it, Greg and I got chills and it brought tears to my eyes.  

The Piano Guys have many of their own compositions, but they also fuse contemporary music with classical music, like Frozen’s Let It Go with Vivaldi’s Winter or One Republic’s Secrets with Beethoven.  I think it is sheer brilliance.  You don’t even need to go to their concert to have a Piano Guys experience.  Just put on their youtube channel, turn it up really, really loud and close your eyes.  They play live this good.  

Have you seen their cover of One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful?  They played it!


dstb said...

It seems like I had heard of these guys before, but I wasn't sure, so I asked my son. He likes them, and has them on his Pandora channel, but being a cello player, he prefers the pieces with cello. The other musicians he likes are called 2Cellos (you can guess). They play contemporary music like U2's With or Without You (contemporary to my generation maybe) and Coldplay's Viva La Vida. Some of their other stuff is a bit much for me, and most of it is not their own composition (but I guess you could say that about any Vivaldi or similar piece they would play). My son would love to have one of their carbon fiber cellos - keep dreaming buddy.

Glad you all enjoyed the show. The guys are off to see Al Stewart (remember Year of the Cat?) at the Infinity in Norfolk this weekend.


Karen said...

We YouTubed them and they ROCK!! I know Grace loved this so much. What a wonderful night for you all.

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