Monday, May 19, 2014

First Swim

It is not really warm enough here in CT for swimming.  My toes have not felt the sand and my mind has not even begun to dream about swimming in our backyard.  We have had a 70 or 80 degree day here and there, but I need consistency.  I need a pool that is at least 80 degrees.  However, my girls don’t have these same strict requirements.  

Sunday was a beautiful day.  Not only because it was Mother’s Day.  Truthfully, we don’t make much of “holidays” like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentines Day.  My theory is that if you are not showing those you love that you value and honor them every day, then celebrating these is hypocritical.  Every day should be Mother’s/Father’s/Valentine’s Day.

The day was warm and sunny.  After a visit to my sister’s for dinner with her family and my parents, the girls returned home and felt the pool was just begging for company. 

In they went and in they stayed!  I don’t know how they did it.  But they had fun!


Karen said...

Brrrrrr. Even here, when Point Mallard first opens, the water is freezing! Love the pictures of Grace and Lilah. Joy!!

Jen Dunlap said...

I'm with you, I need it to be warm for me to get in! My kids however will pretty much swim in anything. I told them though when we lived in FL I would swim more :)

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