Friday, May 23, 2014

Random Happenings

So much of our week is spent moving from one activity to another with random bits of work thrown in between.  Sometimes there is not much to say because posting that lesson 10 of Teaching Textbooks was completed or we are so close to finishing Life of Fred Elementary just is not all that riveting.    
Grace asked me if I am going to keep blogging since lately a week or more may pass in between posts.  My answer was yes, just sporadically, when  I have something to say or share.  Since I print out my blog yearly and they are favorite books of ours, I don’t want to abandon it even if it means that sometimes I am just reposting pictures already shared on Instagram.  If and When Instagram allows for blogging formats with the ability to print, I think many bloggers will abandon their blog sites.  
Spring happenings are taking place.  We are getting some much needed housework done.  First up was new front steps and walkway.  Our house had the original 1930 concrete steps which were beginning to crumble. We were afraid someone would trip and get hurt.  We choose brick to keep in character with the home, but added the bluestone to update it.

I have been keeping a 1000 Gifts journal for several months now.  It is my place to reflect on my blessings, my prayers, and the things in my life I am truly thankful for, from a warm ray of sunshine to having new stairs.  Blessings are everywhere and when times get hard or busy we often overlook what is right before our eyes.  This journal keeps me centered.  I thought it was time to encourage the girls to keep their own 1000 gifts journal.  Perhaps their goal is 100, not 1,000 and while they have to be prompted to take it out, they always feel better after working in it.  I told them it is just another way to talk to God.  

Speaking of God, I love this church door.  I drive by it often when I bring one of the girl’s friends home.  I asked Lilah to roll down her window and snap a photo.  

There have been trips to check out new delis in town, haircuts, horseback riding lessons,  movie outings, and playtime with Gilly.  There have been book club meetings and favorite pizza eating.  Library trips and trips to Hartt School of Music.  


  1. What a great group of photos. I enjoyed your Random Moments.

  2. I am so glad that you are going to continue blogging, if only sporadically! I know for me, sometimes I feel like I only blog about what's on Instagram but with some family not on Instagram (and loving the collection of memories that the blog becomes) I feel called to continue to blog. Should instagram ever have a blog printing option I do believe there will be a bunch of us leaving the Blogger world for that.

    What do you use to print it out? And is it expensive? I'd love to print the blog in book form but have yet do so (and each day that passes means the blog gets longer and more expensive to print I imagine). Any tips/thoughts are grately appreciated!

    As an alum of the University of Hartford I know The Hartt School well! It's a hidden gem in Connecticut and I am glad that ya'll checked it out! xo

    1. At the end of the year I print the blog Jan 1 - Dec 31 using Blurb. They cost about $130 but are hard cover bound and sturdy. I know other people who print 2x year so their books are not so thick. I have 2010, 2011 and 2012. I have to do 2013 soon. I have them format it and I do not include comments. It is super easy. Call or email me if you have any questions.

      I spent 6th grade through high school in Glastonbury and many of the Hartt teachers would come to the high school to offer master classes. They offer so many programs for teenagers that this felt like the best place for Grace to be. She has a wonderful teacher, can audition for ensembles, take masters classes and perform. We are staying on with the teacher she has been with for years because she is truly a mentor for Grace and that relationship is very important to Grace. Unfortunately Grace hurt her pinkie and has not been able to practice any of the new music she got!

  3. Love these all. I love the bakery and the library especially. We were riding around in downtown this week and I saw a house with a red door and thought of you. Happy Memorial Day weekend!!!

    1. I never realized how many churches have red doors. I wish our church would paint the doors red. Our church is a tiny white brick chapel and it would look beautiful. Happy Memorial Day to you too!

  4. I see that you got A Corner of the Universe on audiobook. My 10 year old daughter love that book(and the author Ann M Martin in general). I hope the girls enjoy it as well.


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