Thursday, June 19, 2014

Duck Tape Parade

Driving to Veteran’s Memorial Park we were struck by how lovely the town of Avon, Ohio is.  To view the Duck Tape parade, people lined the main street with the beds of pickup trucks filled with blankets, coolers and lawn chairs.  There was a sense of calm and peacefulness amidst a busy traffic scene.  People who lived along the route were selling parking spaces in their front yards for $5 and the money paid was for charity.  People used their front lawns to raise money for Ronald McDonald House and The Susan B. Komen Foundation.  This touched me deeply.   I am not from the Midwest like Greg’s family is.  I was born and raised in Massachusetts and the culture of the North East is so very different.  Even Lilah noticed the difference. 
Parade participants created amazing floats displaying their duck tape creativity.  As the parade passed by, I was struck again by subtle differences.  Popsicles and cold water bottles were handed out to the parade goers!  Free.  Shocking and again deeply touching.  Churches participated.  There was no outcry about the separation of church and state.  No anti-Christian sentiment here.    At one point I almost teared up because this is a place I would like to raise my children.  When I get away from the North East I realize how much I am bothered by things that I really have no control over.



Diane Knecht said...

Loving the posts. I feel like I went on vacation with you. Can't wait to see the Alabama photos. Did you guys get to visit Point Mallard Water Park? That place holds many memories for me.

Karen said...

I can't believe how elaborate some of these were. Great pictures. I know Lilah was in heaven!! :)

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