Saturday, June 21, 2014

Nashville, TN

You can’t judge a town by spending an hour walking its streets.  An hour is not long enough for form a true opinion. Instead you are left either confirming or refuting the Trip Advisor review on the restaurant you just ate ate.  However, an hour is better than no time at all and an hour was just about all the time we had to discover Nashville, Tennessee.

There was no way I could drive the car past this city and not detour to stretch our legs and listen to some music, not with two music loving girls in my back seat.  My first impression was that Nashville is a city of contrast.  Amazing music.  That is pretty much a given.  Nashville is to country music what New York City is to theater.  Music billowed out of open windows and bar room doors.  Musicians slung their guitars over their back as they walked through the street on their way to wherever it was they were going.  Shop owners were friendly and the BBQ we grabbed to eat was delicious.  

I suppose you cannot have a street lined with bar after bar and not expect the streets to contain the remnants of the bar goers carelessness.  A bottle here, a cigarette butt there... it all adds up.  In our short time there we stepped over litter, were yelled at by a disturbed person, and gave money to a homeless person playing on the street corner.  

Nashville is a place I would like to return to with Greg to hang out, have a few beers, and enjoy the music and the history of this city. An hour just is not enough time to hear a band play their full set, get a feel for the different bars, and find that perfectly awesome pair of cowboy boots.

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Karen said...

I love Nashville. I could totally see us living there. Tennessee is a beautiful state.

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