Monday, June 16, 2014

Notebook Girlz Celebration

Notebook Girlz is going through another metamorphosis.  We decided to take the summer off from writing group.  One of our members moved in March and two more are moving to Florida in June.  This leaves us with one member who has been friends with us for years and as far as I know is not moving anywhere, and another, Karen’s daughter, who joins us via Facetime every week.  
This has been a very productive year for us.  We worked through most of Natalie Goldberg’s exercises in Writing Down the Bones.  We used many tutorials from Doodle Draw Art as writing prompts, and we ended the year working our way through the first five lessons of Writer’s WorkShop Step by Step by Maggie Hogan and JB Hogan.  This ebook can be purchased through Bright Ideas Press and I highly recommend it.  We will pick up with this book in September and work our way through lessons 6 through 18.  My girls filled a notebook with lists, webs, short stories, long stories, musings, pictures, collages, and collaborative pieces.  Some of my favorite memories of this year came from this group of girls.

We needed an end of the year celebration.  Time to be together.  Time to commemorate our group and our accomplishments.  I took them to our town library’s annual book sale where all youth and young adult books were under $4.  When we got home my house was silent.  Rather than writing down their words, they choose to read the words of the authors they just discovered. 

They took a little swim and ended their time with a walk to Main Street to partake in National Donut Day.  

I love that Instagram connects these girls.  Florida may be over a thousand miles away, but Instagram makes those miles vanish.  Friendships can remain.  Conversations can still take place.  Instagram and Facetime cannot replace the amount of time these girls spent together though.  We are already missing the closeness that we felt over the year.  

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