Thursday, June 26, 2014

Passing Time No Better Way

The girls have been jumping off this dock as long as we have been visiting Greg’s parents.  It is what they look forward to and the one thing they miss when we visit in the cooler months.  

My in-laws have amazing neighbors who truly care for and support one another.  They extend their generosity to extended family as well.  When we visit we are treated like their guests!  The dock belongs to a neighbor and we are welcome to use it whenever we want.  

Just as we were packing up and about to head back to Greg’s parents, their neighbor Don and his wife Donna came strolling down their hill with a tube wanting to know if we would like to take a boat ride and just in case we were thirst, they brought us some water.  The memory of my last boat ride two years ago where I tore a muscle water skiing is still fresh in my mind and I was quite content to be a passenger on this trip, and watch my girls enjoy themselves and the beauty of their surroundings.  

When my girls are older and look back on their Tennessee visits, I am sure they will remember the horseback riding, the cheese curds, the sock shop, and the other places we visit and things we do, but I know the first thing that will come to mind is this dock.

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Karen said...

What a beautiful place!! We have lovely lakes around here but unfortunately we don't know anyone with a boat or dock. I love the picture of you and the girls jumping off the dock!!! :)

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