Saturday, July 12, 2014


The first named storm of the 2014 season occurred and Tropical Storm Arthur became Hurricane Arthur and our 4Th of July was affected by the passing glance at the Connecticut shoreline.  
Blank Atlantic Basin Hurricane Tracking Maps can be found as a pdf through the National Hurricane Center @  .  For storms generated off the western coast of Africa, Grace plots the points once a day.  However, this storm traveled quickly up the Eastern Seaboard, therefore, she had to research additional coordinates. 

We keep the map hung on our wall for the duration of the storm.  It reminds her to periodically plot coordinates. She used colored pencils to differentiate between the levels of tropical storm, category 1 and category 2 hurricanes.  Hurricane Arthur is now off our wall and in her binder where I am sure it will be joined by other storms.  Grace plans to map every named Atlantic storm this season.  

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