Monday, July 14, 2014

Mini Golf

We have made the decision that we are comfortable having fewer friends and more freedoms.  This is not an easy decision to make when someone in your family is an extrovert.  Often I have wondered if she would like to have kids around her all day, moving about from class to class, spending time in sports or after school activities...but she assured me that is not what she wants.  She wants time to sleep, to be able to eat a full home cooked meal at noon, to play the piano all day long, to learn with her dogs, to ride her bike, to take classes that interest her, to be sick without worrying about make up work, to not have testing pressure, to take vacations not according to a school schedule and to not have to sit so still.  All valid points.  But so are the points for friends, sports, student council, pep rallies, school sweatshirts, and yearbooks.  
In choosing to homeschool highschool, we accept a small base of friends.  The friends we have are good friends and there is always the possibility of discovering new friendships in the classes and activities we will participate in.  Another homeschooling mother has spent the last year preparing for her daughter to homeschool highschool.  She is actively seeking teens to join in on activities throughout our county.  There have been a few activites that we could not attend for various reasons.  Activities like bowling and tubing on the Farmington River.  We attended our first meet up with 5 other teen girls for mini golf at the beach.  It was wonderful to spend time with girls we have not seen since SoundWaters in the fall and to make a connection with a new friend Grace’s age.  
These activities are going to be vital to maintaining a healthy work/life balance.  Teens need other teens.  As homeschoolers they will each do their own thing with some taking structured classes three days a week, others doing the bulk of the work at home, some attending hybrid schools, others completely unschooling.  Some teens will attend the same classes and for some, these social activities provide the opportunity necessary to see some friends that they would not otherwise see.

We are looking forward to more of these events over the summer and hopefully deepening these budding friendships!


Karen said...

So very true. I am really of the mindset that a smaller base of friends is better. Because they are truer friends. In schools sometimes there are groups of girls who hang out together but that doesn't mean they are really friends, not the kind who has your back and is always there for you. It is a challenge but one that can actually produce life long friends.

Diane Knecht said...

I agree. It is very important to find that small group of friends that has your back. Our Fine Arts Cooperative has helped a lot in that area. 10 - 20 teens taking classes together and hanging out. To me I find it all even more important to have the small group of people in the homeschooling world. It is so easy to get wrapped up in your own life at home with school and all the extras that teens really need some outlets with kids their own age.

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