Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Piano Binder Project

Now that the decision about piano has been made, it once again fills my house.  Grace has been working diligently on her church music.  She will be performing at our new priest’s installation mass the end of August and this means learning a new piece of music, He Has Anointed Me.  It is beautiful and challenging.  When Grace practices, we find ourselves humming the hymns all day long.  
Working with three different teachers this summer left her a bit disorganized.  We put away the sheet music and scales books that she no longer needs right now.  She took her two binders (one for each teacher) and consolidated them into one beautiful three ring binder.  She used tabs to separate the parts of the mass (opening song, offertory song, communion song, closing song) and has a pocket for keep special songs for holy days and holidays.

This project involved a trip to Target with Greg and about 2 hours of work time.  Now that her binder is complete, it is much easier for her to practice.  I did not realize that her disorganization was impeding her playing.  Because I am not involved at all in her piano instruction, I did not realize that this would be beneficial for her.  I am so glad that she took the steps necessary to find her own solution and that her music is once again filling our house.  

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Karen said...

What a great project. Keilee loves to organize things! :)

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