Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Riding Camp

Life is not perfect.  It has ups and downs.  Not every activity is perfect.  There are always positives and negatives to every situation.  Riding camp was no exception.  

There were positives: the beautiful setting, the calm dynamic of this group of girls, Grace was able to ride bareback and loved it, Lilah discovered that she did not hate yoga. Both girls adored the older teen staff members.  
There were also negatives: not as much riding time as anticipated, not being entirely comfortable with your horse, the extreme heat during the week of camp, the biting insects.

I am proud of my girls for sticking this week out.  They desperately wanted to walk away from this experience.  After a long conversation, Greg and I decided they needed to persevere through it because they were learning something new each day (dressage rather than hunt seat, the anatomy and care and keeping of a horse, yoga).  It may not have been their favorite week ever.  It may not be something they ever do again.  That is okay.  Knowing that you can overcome a difficult experience or situation, class, teacher, boss, is an important life skill.  Walking away is easy.  Sticking it out takes courage, perseverance, confidence, determination, resolve, and adaptability.

This may have “just” been a camp about horses and horseback riding, but the life lessons they learned were far more important.


Jen Dunlap said...

I agree! Some times the greater lesson learned is the one that's not so obvious.

Shel said...

Glad that they were able to make it through this week and that they had some bright spots during a week of challenges!

Love your blog header, by the way! What a great shot! Was that taken on your phone!? I've been feeling like my phone is taking blurry pictures lately. Though I have to wonder if it means it's time for new glasses..... :)

Jessica said...

Shel, This may be a silly question, but have you cleaned the lens? I noticed the same thing and cleaning it more often helps. However, my phone is almost 3 years old. It is not taking the same quality photos it did when I first got it. I have been using my Cannon more and more. I am pretty sure I took this with the Rebel. I am going to wait for the iPhone 6 to be released and then look into an upgrade with my phone.

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