Thursday, September 11, 2014

Taking a Break from CNN

Even though we say the world is our classroom, right now this statement may not be a positive thing.  We have enjoyed CNN Student News but with beheadings, upgraded terror levels in the UK and the 9/11 anniversary, I made the executive decision to suspend our watching for a while.  
I did not cover current events until I was a senior in high school.  It was a senior-only seminar class and I enjoyed it.  There is a big difference between a 17 year old being able to absorb and understand the events taking place around the world and a 12 year old; especially a 12 year old whose father works in Manhattan and whose Grandmother and Uncle were in NYC on 9/11/01.
This may be seen as overprotective, isolating, and sticking my head in the sand, and I accept these criticisms that are often placed on families that control how much or how little information is presented to their children.  I’ll take that over a child who is anxious about her Dad going to work.
Our schedules are always shifting to accommodate our needs and honestly right now I prefer not beginning our day with the woes of the world.  I choose instead to focus on peace and love and joy and find as many examples of those things as possible to show my girls that despite what is happening now, there are good people, loving people, caring and kind people who are using their lives to make the world a better place.


Aunt Donna said...

AMEN!! I agree!

Shel said...

Well said! And I totally agree! Honestly, with how broken the world is right now *I* find it hard to listen to (or read) the news. We don't have the news on the TV when the girls are around (so like ever) and we can't listen to NPR in the car as just hearing the news can be frightening enough. xo

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