Saturday, September 27, 2014

Week of September 22nd

When I read Blake Bowle’s Better Than College and the book Do Hard Things, I realized that high school at home should be more than randomly picking subjects and working through textbooks.  If we are going to opt out the benefits of schooling, then we need to make sure we are taking time to appreciate the amazing things that homeschooling teens has to offer.
Up until now there has not been much that my girls could attribute solely to homeschooling.  The could still ride horses after school, could participate in craft shows,  have music lessons, book clubs and writing groups.  They just could not do these things on the same day.  Homeschooling allows for 90 minutes of music lessons on the same day as 90 minutes of horseback riding, whereas these would have to be spread out to two days for a typically schooled student.
One thing Grace certainly could not do if in public school is work the morning shift at the kennel.  She works from 7:30 or 8:00am until 11:00am then comes home and fits in her lessons then scoots off to book club or the farmer’s market or she may choose to watch a dog documentary or work on her kennel photo album.  I truly hope she is enjoying the start to her “freshman” year.
As for Lilah, that child can craft for hours.  She is a self taught crocheter and is reading book after book.  So many books, in fact, that I stopped trying to record them all.  I don’t worry about listing her pleasure reads, just her book club books and the classics we are reading.  I know she could not read as much as she does if she was bogged down with homework after school and on the weekends.

Mon/Tues/lecture on Wednesday
Lilah got on 92 on her first Teaching Textbooks Chapter 1 quiz!  Way to go Lilah!!
Social Justice
Completed video #3 (Church)  Lilah connected this video to our work at Prospect House which is perfect since our family prepared and served dinner for approx. 25 people at local homeless residential shelter. Lilah baked cake pops and cupcakes for dessert. Distributed hand painted, hand written scripture bookmarks to residents.

I will write more about this but in my last Bible study our Priest referenced social justice in the Bible and basically summarized everything in the first video we watched.  This is the second strong connection between Bible study and our homeschool and I spoke to him privately about this after the class.  This is the second week I got goosebumps when life and learning have overlapped spiritually.
Language Arts
Watched The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe Saturday night with Aunt Kris.  Kris has partnered with the girls and is reading the classics alongside them so that she can discuss the characters and plot with them.   

We began Alice in Wonderland this week.  Each girl did an art journal page in their notebook of many of the famous quotations from this book.  They are each very unique and very beautiful.

Lilah finished up her personal reading, the classic Rabbit Hill. She also finished book club book, Marley: A Dog Like No Other and she completed her lapbook for TLTW&TW.  It feels good to complete projects!  

BOOK CLUB began after a month hiatus.  One girl left the group and three girls joined.  Our new selection is: Summer of the Gypsy Moths (Thanks Jamie!).  I began it already and just love it.  So much here to discuss with young girls.

Physical Education
I count their hunt seat riding lessons as their official Physical Education.  Lee Binz stated in her webinar that a high school sport is equivalent to one credit and the time and effort Grace (and Lilah) put into their lessons are equivalent since riding is year-round, not seasonal.  Grace competed in her first show, entered in three events and won a third and fourth place ribbon in two events (out of a field of between 10-12 riders)!  We also had our weekly lessons.
Both girls had dentist appointments.  Watched the American Girl episode of Project Runway. Biked to the local farmer’s market for fresh honey and apple cider. Met friends at Starbucks for a latte before Pottery Class.  PICKED UP CROSBY!!!!
In addition to weekly piano lessons, Grace began working again with the Music Director from our church, who has been teaching her chords and the parts of the mass.
Completed notebook pages for chapter 2. Copied maps of the early cities of Sumer and where the resources were imported to build the cities.

Clockwise:  Map of Sumer, Lilah's duct tape bag contest entry, Writer's Workshop, CROSBY!, practicing ASL with a friend, book club, dinner at homeless shelter, Alice in Wonderland, horse show.


Phyllis said...

What a wonderful post. I especially love her map of Sumer! Professional quality!

Sandra said...

I love reading what you get up to each week. Well done to Grace, and Lilah too.

Dawn said...

I love the way you record their accomplishments.
Blessings, Dawn

Karen said...

I'm so glad you are doing weekly updates again. I am just so proud of Grace for her dedication with her job. There are VERY few just turned 14 year olds that could do this!!

Melissa N. said...

Love the Kennel time and the time we are afforded as home educators! Well round children for sure!

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