Saturday, September 20, 2014

Weekly Summary : September 15-19th

I love the summary of our weeks.  This week I added a LIFE section because we are trying to cram so much into into our weeks before the puppy comes.  Dentists, eye exams, orthodontists, etc.  These things are all necessary and compete for our project time and lesson time.  Normally this would leave me frazzled but I am not, surprisingly.  I am tired, but not scattered.  I credit this to the divine tea I discovered at the Herbal Apothecary on Cape Cod called Nervine Divine.  I plan to order more soon!


Social Justice (elective)
Watched video #2 (Family) in Seeking Social Justice Series with discussion
Completed Bookmarks
Baked dessert for dinner
Grace finished video series for Week #5 (Meteorology)
Lilah created paper mache globe to illustrate why we have seasons
Horseback Riding
Lilah - one lesson
Grace - two lessons plus 2 hours spent at farm preparing horses for upcoming horse show. Had a lesson in the care of a horse when her horse had a muscular problem in her hind leg.
Chapter 3, created notebook pages for chapters, 2 and 3.
Language Arts
Writing Group, Finished The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe!  Worked on the accompanying lapbook (Grace completed, Lilah is still working away)  Spent time during the week on their story for writing group.  Added several quotes to their journal (Patricia Polacco and Theodore Roosevelt) and added biographies to their book of centuries. Selected next classic read: Alice in Wonderland. Really looking forward to what we can do with this book!  Asked the girls to “Go Big or Go Home” when thinking of a project for this book!
Grace officially became a new hire at the kennel after putting in 73 hours as a volunteer over the summer.  Her boss gave her sage advice in learning to manage money and the importance of saving and living close to debt free.  
Figured out how to work the dvd that came with the textbook.  Reviewed first 5 chapters for Thursday’s class.  While girls are at ASL class, I attended my first Bible Study at our church.
Personal Finance (elective)
Received Dave Ramsey’s Generation Change Lesson: BE and accompanying parent and student workbook.  Need to discuss with Greg finding a time that we can begin this curriculum as a family.  It may be something we do during the day and he reviews/discusses with them on the weekend.
Biked up to Main Street to attend the farmer’s market. Attended meeting at church to discuss concerns about religious education classes. Reinstalled cable after a 2 year break.  Prepared for puppy.   Lilah had an eye exam. I had an orthodontist appointment. Met with friend to help her begin her own writing group with younger children.

Lilah spent a week making a paper mache globe for Science Shepherd

Extra time was spent at the barn preparing for the horse show.

Writer's Workshop


Phyllis said...

I love every bit of your homeschool and so your wrap-ups are a delight. The horse pictures are fantastic. Your writing group looks like so much fun.

Diane Knecht said...

Sounds like a wonderful week. Can't wait to see the new puppy and how much fun your family will be having with him.

Claire said...

Hi! I have been reading your blog for a while. I enjoy your creativity.

I wonder what textbook are your girls using for ASL that comes with a DVD? I realize they are using it for a class, but I am just wondering.

firstgood said...

What videos are you watching for meteorology?

Jessica said...

Over the years Grace has watched just about every video on Netflix and learned so much just by watching The Weather Channel every day. What I am referring to above is our program this year Science Shepherd. I recognized that by unschooling science for the past few years the girls had some gaps in their knowledge base. I wanted a video based program that would cover the concepts we never did (like the layers of the Earth or cells/biology). This program, while below their grade level, covers these concepts and I can extend each one to increase the difficulty. It is creation based. The videos for weeks #4 and #5 deal with meteorology.

Jessica said...

Thank you! Here is the link to their book. They also have flash cards for vocabulary.

I am not sure how well they would do with this book without a teacher and a year of ASL spent mostly on vocabulary.

Sandra said...

I really enjoy your weekly summaries. You seem to accomplish a lot but in a relaxed way.

Karen said...

I love your weekly summary, In fact I came here, saw it, rushed off to start making one for Keilee!! Another great week Jess. I love the globe that Lilah did and the horse pictures!

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