Friday, September 19, 2014

Writing Group Lesson: For The Love of Words

Our writing group is off to a great start.  We are three weeks in to our six week session and my hope is that the girls will want to continue.  I have had some requests on Instagram to share our lessons.  
Supplies: journal, internet access, Sharpie marker, crayons, writing utensils
Skype and Artforkidshub

I rely heavily on technology in our workshop.  We have two girls join us via internet from New York and Alabama.  Next week we will move away from Skype and Facetime to Google Hangout and my hope is that other girls will be able to join in since Google Hangout can accomodate 10 guests.   This week we used one of my favorite drawing tutorial sites .  The girls drew the Scarecrow using Sharpie and crayons.

While the girls were working on their coloring, we began to pass around a story.  I began the story using the scarecrow as the theme and passed it to the girl next to me.  She wrote a sentence, folded down mine and passed it on so that only her sentence showed.  This went on and on around the table.  I read the cumulated sentences and we laughed at the course the tale took.  This is like playing telephone with writing.  
Grace is writing down K's addition to the writing "game".

When the drawings and stories  were complete, I introduced a website I discovered mentioned in the eBook we are using, Writer’s Workshop Step by Step: which contains loads of unusual and rarely used words.  Some girls listed words they want to remember and incorporate into their writing and others like Grace and Lilah chose to make a word splash.  

I was truly shocked at how engrossed the girls became in the website. Normally we leave at least 30 minutes for writing but this website was a catalyst for great conversation.  **Parents need to be aware just like a dictionary, this site has words that may be inappropriate for younger writers.  We bypassed independent writing time and focused our whole session on the love of words.  

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