Thursday, October 9, 2014

Apple Pie

It’s not every day that your 12 year old announces that she needs to learn how to make pie so that she can sell them in her bakery.  What’s a Mom to do except let the child bake pie!

I have never made a crust from scratch in my life and I was wishing my Aunt was right around the corner so I could pop over for a quick tutorial.  Since two hours separate us, Lilah had to rely on Google and intuitively she went to Epicurious for her information.  

She learned how to use the food processor to make a perfect crust.  I was amazed.  It cracked when she rolled it on the pie plate, but she patched it up, and smoothed it out, and as Tim Gunn would say, she “made it work”.  She only made one crust and topped the apple pie with a crumb topping.  

This was a surprise for her father.  She wanted him to have a lovely dessert to come home to.  This pie was baked with love.  We tasted it in every bite.


dstb said...

Yum! That looks good!

I have never made my own pie crust either. Partly because I really don't like cooking that much, but partly because I can remember my Mom getting frustrated with her crusts.

It is funny that you have posted this today, because this morning I was thinking that I should plan a cooking class for my son. Maybe something where you work through a cookbook and tackle some recipes that you should know how to make (like pie crust!). Sort of like the book Julie & Julia (One case where I preferred the movie to the book - the movie actually seemed toned down compared to the book). The cooking class is just a thought since my son has a pretty full schedule at the moment, but maybe next year.

Great job on the pie, Lilah!


Jessica said...

I would love to do the same. We loved the baking camp this summer. Maybe you could do an intensive class over a vacation week or in the summer?

Sandra said...

Yum. Now I feel hungry - and I've only just finished breakfast!

Rosemarie said...

It looks yummy. Pioneer Woman has a great recipe for a pie crust that we use fro pies, chicken pot pies and quiches. Lots of butter which makes it yummy.

Karen said...

I've never made an apple pie either. An apple cobbler, which is easy, but no pie. GREAT job Lilah. Your pie was beautiful and I'm sure it tasted as good as it looked.

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