Monday, October 13, 2014

Notebook Girlz write Book Spine Poems

Last Friday I was able to organize an activity I have wanted to do for a very long time. Now and then I will see pictures on Pinterest of Book Spine Poetry, poems made from the clever combinations of book titles.  We have 6 girls every Friday for our writing group which meant that many books were required for this activity so I began pulling books the night before from my bookshelves throughout the house and even in the attic.  I chose books of all genres, especially those with interesting and unusual titles and piled then on my table.

The girls spread them out and began collecting books that when stacked together became works of poetry.

Some girls wrote these poems in their notebooks adding or subtracting words.

Before our workshop, I asked permission from the mothers for a quick “field trip” to poetry bomb Main Street.  Have you seen pictures of knit bombing? I thought we could do the same with poetry- splash some words onto the sidewalk with chalk, tuck poems into nooks and crannies to be discovered by pedestrians walking by, post poems to bulletin boards and share some art with strangers.  

We chose lyrics to Nightingale by Laura Viers

I would not bear to rest,
I would not dare to dream, 
till the nightingale came 
and sang a song for me.

The girls asked for permission from a store owner we know and then began to get to work.  They wrote on the sidewalk.

Placed poems in books to be found as bookmarks in our Little Free Library.

They tucked poems into street signs and into mailboxes (since this is just a holding box, not a drop box, I felt it would be okay).

We took a walk with Crosby on a beautiful fall day and enjoyed our mission and our friendships.  I accompanied them in the event that anyone confronted them about chalking up the sidewalk on Main Street and asked the inevitable question of why they were not in school.  No one asked and several people stopped to watch what was going on.  

This was a beautiful way to spend a Friday morning.  Sharing art.  Sharing beautiful words.  Sharing books.  Sharing time. Sharing stories and friendship and laughter.  

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